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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Nobody's Baby But Mine Book Tour and Giveaway

Baby But Mine
Gloria Silk

Contemporary Romance

USA Today Bestselling Author, Gloria Silk this is a gripping,
romantic and sensuous novel of marriage, fidelity, fertility and the
power of love.

romantic, sensuous and astute.”

women's fiction that touches all of our emotions,fulfills our
yearnings, and opens up new possibilities."

Rachel and James find their way back into each other’s hearts after
tasting temptation and facing devastating news? How strong is love in
the face of reality? The seven year marriage between Rachel and her
adoring patient saint of a husband has grown from great to blessed.
But after years of failing to get pregnant all Rachel craves is a

marriage to James is perfect…until she bumps into her sexy
ex-lover, Brandon. Her desperate thought of wondering if he can get
her pregnant makes Rachel realize that something has to change. After
having more fertility tests she meets a beautiful pregnant career
woman. It seems destined, and as they bond the young woman offers
Rachel a gift that will change all their lives.

has Rachel pushed her suddenly aloof husband away? Is it really his
pressure at work or is he keeping something from her? Can they ever
become a happy family, or is it too little too late? And where does
Brandon come into all this when she discovers her husband's biggest

Today Bestselling author, Gloria Silk, loves writing sensuous,
uplifting and unforgettable romance and women's fiction. Her powerful
stories are filled with passion without cultural borders, which will
take you to various exotic locales around the world. Her books focus
on the many facets of romantic relationships with strong and complex
family bonds.

in Russia, her love of travel was ingrained within her from a very
young age, as she has lived in various parts of Europe and the
Mediterranean. Some of her favorite visited places are Austria,
France, the Middle East, Hawaii and Hong Kong. Her next planned
excursion is to Australia and New Zealand.

(where she was brought up) holds a very special place in her heart
with all its history and lush, green landscapes. Her background in
English literature, writing and psychology help her create
well-rounded, unique characters.

spending many years in London, England where she met and married her
own loving hero, she now lives - and happily writes - in Toronto,

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