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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tutankhamen Speaks The Quest Books Companion to Sons of the Sphinx by Cheryl Carpinello


TITLE – Tutankhamen Speaks

SERIES – The Quest Books Companion to Sons of the Sphinx

AUTHOR – Cheryl Carpinello

GENRE – Historical Fiction Ancient Civilizations


LENGTH – 80 pages

PUBLISHER – Beyond Today Educator



2014 EVVY Merit Award for Historical Fiction from CIPA (Colorado Independent Publishers


Long ago the old texts of ancient Egypt alluded to scrolls in which King Tut spoke to the people from

beyond the tomb. Many archeologists put this down to an incorrect translation of the ancient Egyptian

texts. Others swore to the accuracy of the translation. None of that mattered because the scrolls in

question could not be found. Scholars labeled it a hoax, something that never existed. It was ludicrous to

imagine someone speaking from the grave. They were wrong on both accounts.



Some afternoons when the palace guards relaxed their vigil and most of the people napped out of the

heat, Ankhesenpaaten and I would climb the stairs up to the windows.

Looking out, we could see over the tops of buildings far to the East where the Aten appeared each


“Where would you go, Ankhesenpaaten, if you could leave Egypt?” I asked one afternoon.

Her eyes sparkled, and her smile widened. I watched as she rested her chin on her arms, her eyes drawn

beyond the eastern horizon.

“I would travel beyond the beginnings of our land,” she said.

I looked at her questioningly.

“In the women’s quarters, one hears stories,” she explains. “A few of the women are from there. The

tales they have told are wonderful!” She turned to me then. “Imagine Tutankhaten, pools of sparkling

water surrounded by lush, green bushes and trees, flowers of pink, orange, white, and even black!”

“How is that different from here?” I asked.

“Here it is only along the Nile where the bushes, reeds, and flowers grow. There in the land they call

Persia exists a city where gardens hang from cliffs and mountain sides! I would love to see such a sight.”

A few years later, I remembered her wish. After we were married, I had a section of our palace in

Thebes reconstructed to resemble those hanging gardens that she so wished to see. Had we been given

more time, I would have ventured outside of Egypt’s borders and taken Ankhesenpaaten to the gardens

in person.


I am a retired high school English teacher. A devourer of books growing up, my profession introduced

me to writings and authors from times long past. Through my studies and teaching, I fell in love with the

Ancient and Medieval Worlds. Now, I hope to inspire young readers and those Young-at-Heart to read

more through my Quest Books set in these worlds.


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