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Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Voodoo That You Do Book Tour and Giveaway

Voodoo That You Do
Rouge Book 1
Jolie St. Amant

Paranormal Romance 

love stories. One enchanting weekend in New Orleans.

Chateau Rouge Hotel in New Orleans is rumored to be a haunted hotel.
It hides secrets and stories within its walls, tales that lure guests
from all over the world.

seems this enchanting hotel is still up to its old tricks, igniting
the flames of romance while subtly nudging reluctant lovers to fall
into the hands of fate.

Josey’s love survive the test of time, despite being doomed from
the start? Can Julien melt Hannah’s cold heart, allowing her to see
that love is right in front of her? And will Chloe find the home and
love she’s been looking for all her life?

a Little Dream of Me
a two hundred year old vampire in New Orleans, Josey has seen her
share of stories. However, none are as tragic as her own. She falls
in love with the same man only to have him die in her arms each

of history repeating itself, Josey decides to push him away. However,
Archer won’t be easily deterred. He’s determined to pursue her,
no matter the cost.

if this time it’s different? Is there a chance for them to change
their destiny? Or will this time destroy them all?

Hearted Hannah
work and no play, that’s how Hannah Montgomery likes her life. That
is, until company photographer, Julien, accompanies her to New
Orleans for a music festival. This dimpled Cajun with an easy smile
and laid back attitude has the potential to be a complication to her
well-organized existence.

tries everything to keep her distance from Julien, but seems to fail
every time. It’s as if something--or someone--keeps pushing them

it the allure of the sultry South? The romance of the Crescent City?
Or is the enchanting Chateau Rouge working its spell on these two

Kiss to Build a Dream On
Devereaux arrives at the Chateau Rouge ready to leave her old life,
and cheating husband, behind. The magic and mystery of the town
captivates her, and soon sends her on an adventure leading her to
former high school classmate, Jared Peterson.

was crazy about Chloe in school. Her relationship with Chandler
Montgomery had always kept her out of his reach. Now, seeing her in
New Orleans and alone, Jared sees this as his chance at something his
seventeen year old self had only imagined.

finally experiencing the excitement of freedom, is not ready to jump
into a relationship. Will Jared be able to convince her that love can
be the most exhilarating feeling of all?

now to start reading the series readers are calling “captivating”,
“intriguing”, and “unique”.

St. Amant fell in love with all things New Orleans after reading
Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. Now, a frequent visitor to
the Crescent City, she can often be found getting inspiration from
ghost tours, or sipping cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde.

the tour HERE
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