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Monday, October 22, 2018

Nina Rae -Foster an Author - Spotlight

Nina Rae - Foster an Author - Spotlight

Have you met Nina yet?

Nina started writing short stories at a young age. After leaving school she never thought about it again, until she saw an ad in a magazine for a writing competition. The story was to be only 2.5k words. By the time Nina had finished the first draft, she had written 10k and there was no way she could shorten it. Once all the re-writing had been done, she had written 110k. As the book was rather large, it was decided to put it into 2 books and in so doing The Secrets and The Sins of Springfields, were born. Nina is a working medium and teacher of holistic healing, spiritual & personal development.

Her belief is that we are spiritual beings experiencing a human life. Her books have some of the experiences she has had in life and how she has overcome them. She has studied with several great mediums / teachers and has used that knowledge to help others with their spiritual development.

Living in the Highlands of Scotland, gave Nina great inspiration for her books. Nina loves to read and has now gone one step further and written her own books. Nina has always felt an affinity with the gypsy way of life and on researching for these books realised that a lot of their beliefs are very similar to her own. Nina now lives in Norfolk, where a new series of books are in the making. Books 1-3 were born in Scotland and book 4 in Norfolk, with book 5 in progress. She hopes that you enjoy the journey her books take you on and that you can learn something from the lessons her characters had.



The Secrets of Springfields ~ Book 1

199 pages

Richard and Amelia, disowned by their respective families, had not seen them in 12 years, since they eloped, only to find that death will bring them together once more.

Springfields is a village with a lot of secrets, secrets that lure disaster to many. Sylvia, Amelia and Elisha find themselves caught up in the sinister tale, only to find inner strength they never knew they had. This story is about three women's journey in life to help put wandering spirits to rest and bring peace to the people of Springfields. Along the way finding hidden powers they never knew they possessed.

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“The Secrets of Springfields is one of such rare book, which you cannot put down unless and until you read its last page. A family drama was written in a simple but constructive language, full of emotion (I could not resist tears while reading Richard's last letter.). I recommend this sweet story to everyone, especially those who love Romantic stories. All characters teach us something about our life and the universality of love through their journey. Very rarely we get such good stories to read. 
- Goodreads Reviewer

“I don't read much fiction, but once I got started on this book I was hooked. Intriguing, and mysterious! I went straight on to read book 2, and then 3!” - Amazon Reviewer

“Intriguing from the start, this book draws you into the unusual family saga. A book about strong women in difficult situations keeping the faith of their ancestors while trying to fit into a world that they don’t belong in.” - Amazon Reviewer


The Sins of Springfields ~ Book 2
216 pages

Just as the people of Springfields felt the town was at peace, new evidence was uncovered, which brings back the past to haunt the town once again.

As the evil starts to raise its ugly head, the three women of Springfields prepare to do battle, with an evil which has been created by hate, betrayal and madness.

Can the sins of the past be brought to justice and Headley House finally be cleared from all the negative energy that resides there?

Will uncovering the truth bring an end to the troubles or just make matters worse. So many unanswered questions, can the ladies of Springfields finally bring a close to all the sad, bad and terrifying energies that have caused havoc for over 200 years.

Will they finally be put to rest..........

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“Excellent ending to Springfield series, I enjoyed both books. Go Nina go to your next” - Amazon Reviewer


Springfields: The Power of Hope - Book 3
99 pages

Hope sets off on a journey which will unravel the family secrets, past and present. Will they all get through it? And will Hope have the power to do what is asked of her—to stop the past from travelling through to the future? Only her strength, knowledge and love for her family will pull her through; but what will the repercussions be for Hope and the rest of the family?

The Devlin name once again strikes a chord with Amelia and sends Hope spiralling back to the very distant past. But what and who will she find there? Why does she need to go? And will she ever find her way back? Hope is drawn back in time when things were simpler and easier, and she enjoys the simplicity of it all. There is no pressure for Hope to find her way in the world of the past, as it has all been mapped out for her, whereas back in her present time she has to make choices, which she is very confused about. Which path should she take?

Hope is going through a maelstrom and doesn’t know which way to turn and who to turn to for advice, as they have all passed. She will need to trust in the Higher Power and all her training to right the wrongs.....

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“Being a fan of realistic fiction, this is the first time I am reading a mystical or a fantasy story and I loved it. To start with I loved the name of the protagonist. Somewhere, the name itself connected well with me.” 

~ Amazon Reviewer


The Darkness in Haden - Book 4
166 pages

Hope has been drawn to Haden, where she finds a kindred spirit, but is she a real friend or is she just using Hope to save her own skin. Darkness has taken over the town of Haden. No one in the village is acting like themselves, and the energy all around is very oppressive.

Jason has his heart set on gaining the power he desires, no matter the cost to others, even if he has to kill to get it. Can Hope stop him in time to save the people of Haden? The bigger question is can she save herself?

Hope knows if she stays she could be in danger, but if she leaves Carole could die and the people of Haden are in jeopardy of being taken over by the darkness. So many lives hang in the balance, what will Hope’s choice be?

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“Grab your copy today, this book is written like none other you’ve experienced, and well worth your time! I really enjoyed the writing style and everything, including the majestic cover! I am certain you will as well!” 
- Goodreads Reviewer