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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Crimson Melodies Book Tour and Giveaway

and Black Series Book 2
Grace Harper

Contemporary Romance

Donovan Dreamboat Carter's
ambition in life wasn't to become the lead singer of the
Maverick. His
plan to move to Brighton to assist his aunt run a halfway house was
to get away from his past. He'd finished his degree, had the skills
to help his aunt. Life for him would be settled.
he saw Alex Devlin, lead singer of the globally successful rock
Fragile, peeling
carrots at his aunt’s kitchen sink, he faltered on the threshold.
knew with certainty that his life would change forever.
Bryant, the internationally famous supermodel, has the world at her
feet. However, her agent thinks otherwise and systematically drops
her from all her campaigns, citing Leia is too old to model. 
that she is now unable to walk down the best Milan runways, Leia is
surprised when Red & Black record label want to meet her. After a
single meeting, Leia is cosseted into the family of the record label.
But, it’s her passionate encounter with Donovan Carter that changes
her life forever.
resists Donovan's crazy idea of dating, telling him she is too old
for him. A decade younger than Leia, Donovan doesn't see what the
problem could be.
sets the rules and is only prepared to have a fling, keep it quiet
from the public, just a bit of fooling around. The plan is going well
until one of them falls in love.
both their lives change forever.
quickly reach stardom, but at what cost? Especially as Donovan
replaced the previous lead singer of 
Casey Lowe, much to Casey's aggravation. They knew each other a long
time ago.
wounds split open. There is more than one man out for revenge. Whose
lives are about to change again?

.99 cents!!**

Charcoal Notes
Red and Black Series
Book 1

friends to lovers romance.

was a time when Sebastian Wild had the music world eating out of his
hands. Rock band, Fragile were at their height of fame when they gave
it all up.
seemed a good idea when Sebastian started Red & Black record
label with his best friend, Alex Devlin. Sebastian was over the moon
when Tara Adkins agreed to come on board to spearhead the marketing.
innocent Tara. He knew her life choices and had no problem marrying
her before he could take her to bed.
problem? She was his best friend and only saw him as a rock star man
Adkins had been in lust with Sebastian for too many years. Lust had
moved to love when she started working at Red & Black record
label. The handsome, sexy rock star had her heart racing every time
he walked into her office.
problem? She wished she’d never told him about her rules of love.
Date, marry then have sex. He was her best friend and only saw her as
an innocent woman who was too buttoned up to let her wild side show.
and Tara embark on a passionate journey, attempting to prove to each
other that it only matters what they think about their relationship,
not the public or his parents. Neither believes they are good enough
for marriage.
thought he had won her heart until Valentino, the devious, handsome
Italian tries to lure Tara away.
Valentino beat Sebastian to marry Tara or will Tara listen to
Sebastian’s parents and believe she is just another groupie to fall
for the rock star?
out in the new series of Brighton’s latest record label that every
musician wants to be signed to.
.99 cents!!**

Harper is a British author who loves to write about strong women and
handsome men. She writes steamy romance novels that will warm your

of the Brodie Saga and the Geary Series, Grace immerses you in
stories of love, or rather, love's pursuit to bring together two
people who were meant for each other. It's not always quick or easy
but it will happen eventually.

Grace is not writing, she can be found mooching about in stationery
stores. Grace might have a Maltesers addiction but is not ready to
stand up and own that just yet.

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