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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Lazarus Continuum Book Tour and Giveaway

Lazarus Continuum
Resurrection Chronicles Book 2
Ken Fry
Mystery, Supernatural Thriller, Religious Fantasy

age-old secret must be kept safe...
the next successor is chosen.

much awaited sequel to Amazon UK's #1 bestselling Religious Mystery
since July 2017, and multi-award winning novel, The Lazarus
Succession, is coming very soon. Now available for Pre-Order!

been seventeen years since Father Baez, formerly Broderick Ladro,
entered the monastery to fulfill his legacy, turning his back on all
earthly affairs. His strange visions and doubts have steadily
increased through the years and he goes on a desert retreat to make
sense of it all.

painting, The Raising of Lazarus, is endowed with the power to heal.
A secret that must be guarded, as it has been since the first was
painted thousands of years ago by Annas Zevi who witnessed the
miraculous event. 

senses that a new artist is being summoned. But who?

Ulla's daughter, the daughter Brodie has never seen or met, is
experiencing the same visions. An unknown hand seems determined that
father and daughter should meet.

a series of baffling revelations, the action moves across the USA,
UK, Spain, Israel and Cyprus. A pastor and an incredibly wealthy Las
Vegas casino owner knows the secret and are hell-bent on stealing the
miraculous painting for wealth and power. 

Brodie, his daughter, Martha, and their close friends, succeed in
keeping the Lazarus legacy alive and the succession unbroken, the
power to heal will fall on evil hands.

early and get a discounted copy of The Lazarus Continuum! 

.99 cents!!**

and multi-award-winning British author, Ken Fry, holds a university
Master's Degree in Literature and has traveled around the world. The
places and events are reflected in his stories and most of his tales
are based on his own experiences. 

has extensive knowledge of the Art world, which he acquired while
working as a Publisher in a major UK publishing house -- a wholly
owned subsidiary of the HEARST Corp of the USA. In his thirteen years
with the company, he worked within the Fine Arts and Antiques
division of the organisation and controlled four major international

is now retired and devotes his full time to writing. He lives in the
UK and shares his home with 'Dickens' his Shetland Sheepdog. 

has published 10 mystery suspense thrillers to date: The Lazarus
Continuum, The Chronicles of Aveline, Disjointed Tales: A Collection
of Eccentric Short Stories, The Patmos Enigma, Red Ground, The
Lazarus Succession, Suicide Seeds, The Brodsky Affair, and 2 short
stories, Check Mate, and Is That You, Jim? (Free)

Patmos Enigma and The Lazarus Succession are Bestsellers in Christian
Fantasy, Religious Mystery, Religious Fiction and Biblical Fiction on
Amazon UK.

Ken Fry's Circle of Readers and get free books and

the tour HERE
for exclusive content and a giveaway!

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