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Monday, December 27, 2021

Book Blitz A Mystical Embrace by Marlene F. Cheng


Love is Forever, Book Three

Romance, Women's Fiction

Published:November 2021

When we view death through the lens of beauty, it surprises us how much more we can see.

The people and the places of the life gone are textured by his soul’s weave. Each presence evokes the beauty of memories.

For each unforgettable character in this stunning sequel, we learn how the memories seep to the surface and bind forgotten joy and endured sorrow.

Throughout, there is an underlying flow of grace that is filled with compassion and understanding—an infusion of springtime into the winters of bleakness.

So intimate are the human encounters, they unravel the thread of one’s being and can even illuminate the heart.

Where does the flame go when the candle is blown out?

This philosophical question haunts them, but they find the courage to take up the wondrous gift of being.

From the silence and stillness that fills the spaces where once their loved one dwelt; and through fathomless sadness, each hears the unheard eternal melody and dances with joy in renewed possibilities.

All books in the Love is Forever series:

Temptation and Surrender

Love is Forever, Book 1


The Fallen Sniper Tears: A Sniper Romance Novel

Love is Forever, Book Two


A Mystical Embrace: A Mystical Romance Novel

Love is Forever, Book Three


The Madam’s Friend: A Novel for Women about Flawed, Textured, Vulnerable Soulmates

Love is Forever, Book Four


About the Author

I ran barefoot on the Canadian prairies in the dust that settled after the 2nd World War. That makes me an octogenarian, an oldie.

Thrust from the infinity of wheat fields into the warp of the Rockies, Selkirk, and Purcell mountains, the light that defined a frightful, but interesting, high school life challenged me.

Our neighbours were all Italian—migrants to Canadian mining towns. With his Welsh-born farmers’ busyness, my father found strange their art of dolce far niente—that is, the sweetness of doing nothing. They practiced it, “Come in. Come in. Sit down. Taste my homemade vino.” Our family adapted.

And the flames of railway trestles burning and women parading nude colored life. Doukhobors (a sect that had fled persecution in Russia) settled in the Kootenays. They protested having to send their children to public schools.

Wearing a babushka and twirling spaghetti, not only did I survive those years, but I thrived.

Vancouver, the “big city,” where I discovered traffic lights and city buses, claimed me for medical lab training, and I worked the night shift in the blood bank to put myself through university.

I’ve worked in cancer research, taught at tech schools, become a registered massage therapist, taken up energy schooling in NY., married and raised two kids, and, at 73, published my first book A Many Layered Skirt, a biography about a young Chinese girl trying to keep one frightening step ahead of the soldiers, during the Japanese occupation.

My husband, of 56 years, was Chinese. Our mixed marriage was intriguing, and happiness was ours. Interests in people, cultures, and places took us around the world. Many of those adventures find their way into my writing. He passed away, throwing my life into chaos. Now, I’ve picked up the pen, again, and have written four books in the Love is Forever Series; a Historical Romance-The Inspector’s Daughter and The Maid; and a literary, autofiction-Shifting to Freedom.

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