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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Obeying the Rules Book Tour and Giveaway

the Rules
Kitka Buchanan

Dark Contemporary Romance

the Rules. It sounds simple; unless your mind, body and spirit are
sold to the Mistress of The Manor to pay for your crimes.

is quite what it seems in The Manor. Cassia rules with an iron fist.
Will her own past and her soft heart get in the way of her

Cassia’s enforcer. Can he overcome his own demons to learn to let
someone close to his hardened heart?

and Gage. Political prisoners, the thorns in the side of The Master.
Too bold for their own good.

Master of The Manor and the entire region. Would give his wife
anything. But what exactly is behind his motives?

The Manor and find out exactly what is at risk when Obeying The Rules
is your only option.

a child who moved frequently, Kitka made friends easily with the
characters in books. She would read everything she could get her
hands on: from Shakespeare to Anne Rice to Johanna Lindsey to Judy
Blume. She always dreamed of joining their ranks as an author. Having
written for decades, she has finally found the courage to start
sharing her dark, often paranormal, romantic works with the rest of
the world. Her wife puts up with obsessively talking about her books
and her two children encourage her all the way.

the tour HERE
for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!

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