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Saturday, June 30, 2018

to Kill
Nathan McBride Series Book 7
Andrew Peterson

this fast-paced thriller, special operative Nathan McBride battles
the most treacherous enemy he’s ever faced—and the one hitting
closest to home.
simultaneous deadly terror attacks on San Diego and the nation’s
capital, Nathan learns that the mass murders weren’t random
events—they targeted his family.
the threat is far from over. Part of a larger plot involving a
sabotaged North Korean bioweapons facility and an ISIS training camp
in northern Mexico, a third attack—bigger than 9/11—is being
hatched by cold-blooded killers.
the US Border Patrol and the CIA supporting the mission, Nathan teams
up with longtime family friend Vincent Beaumont, the CEO of America’s
largest private military contractor.
a harrowing firefight, Nathan’s assault team will have to
neutralize the terrorist cell, recover the weapons of mass
destruction, and get them safely across the international border. The
lives of thousands are at risk as Nathan weighs his lust for revenge
against the most crucial part of the mission—taking the ringleaders
alive—which might just cost him his life.

Andrew Peterson is
the internationally bestselling author of the Nathan McBride series.
Born and raised in San Diego, California, he attended La Jolla High
School before enrolling at the University of Oklahoma, where he
earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture.
An excellent
marksman, he holds the classification of Master in the NRA’s High
Power Rifle ranking system. His familiarity with weapons and
dedication to research has resulted in many speaking engagements
ranging from craft workshops to ATF canine demonstrations.
Andrew began writing
fiction in 1990 and sold a short story, Mr. Haggarty’s Stop, to San
Diego Writers Monthly in October, 1992. After attending his first
writer’s conference in 2005, where he met Ridley Pearson, he became
serious about writing the Nathan McBride stories.
is Andrew’s debut thriller which features Nathan McBride, the
brutally effective, trained Marine scout sniper and former CIA
operations officer. FTK was originally published in 2008 by
Dorchester Publishing as a mass market paperback. Early in January
2011, Andrew signed with Thomas and Mercer. Then in 2012, FTK was
re-released in trade paperback, eBook, and audiobook editions. FTK
has been translated into seven languages.
Andrew had the
privilege of attending Operation Thriller II, a 2011 USO tour to
Afghanistan where he personally thanked our troops for their service.
He traveled with fellow authors Sandra Brown, Kathy Reichs, Clive
Cussler and Mark Bowden. He considers the USO tour one of the
highlights of his life. To date, Andrew has donated over 3,000 books
to our troops serving overseas and to our wounded warriors recovering
in Naval and Army hospitals worldwide.
When he’s not
writing the popular Nathan McBride series, Andrew enjoys scuba
diving, target shooting, flying helicopters, hiking and camping, and
an occasional (and questionable) round of golf. Andrew and his wife,
Carla, live in Monterey County, California with their dogs.

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