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Friday, July 15, 2016

New Releases From Pincushion Press




I claim you. You belong to me now, woman.

Kayla was sent off to live with the nuns of perpetual silence when she displeased her father. That was thirteen long years ago. Now, she's a novice nun when the hoard of terrifying Vikings attack. She's huddled with the other women when a handsome blond Viking appears and starts sorting them into categories according to looks and abilities: leave, keep, sell. When he comes to her, roughly lifting her chin, they are both in shock.

It is Ranulf, the childhood sweetheart her father forbade to see so long ago. He thinks quickly, covering her exceptionally beautiful face and claiming her as his own to keep the other men away. But will he able to keep his prize once the secret is out?

Taken By The Viking is a novella length story with a happy ever after guaranteed!



prince 43

He can choose only one woman. He chose her...

Spoiled socialite Jillian is at the Royal Palace for a party when the King's Advisor pulls her aside. He informs her that she's been selected to be the Prince's personal plaything for the remainder of her days, or until he releases her from servitude. It is her duty as a loyal subject to try and please him, no matter what the cost to her pride.

Jillian stares at the handsome Prince in shock as the guards lock the jewel encrusted collar around her neck. He doesn't even like her! He's been giving her odd, dark looks for years. What she doesn't realize is that he's been biding his time, waiting for her to grow up, to be ready to be Chosen By The Prince...

Chosen By The Prince is a novella length story with a happy ever after guaranteed!



Calyope Adams is a life long avid reader and writer, usually found with her head in a book. Most recently she has been exploring the sensual side of life. She's fascinated by history, mythology and the power dynamics inherent in romantic relationships.

You can find out more about Calyope's work on her Facebook page.

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The Hidden ebook


Loving a beast is a dangerous game...

Kaylia Thomas wants nothing more than to be normal. A boring, normal college freshman with a boring, normal boyfriend. Unfortunately, that just doesn't seem to be in the cards.

First there were the dreams. Then there was that night, when Dylan Westen, star quarterback, took her into the woods.

Something has been happening to Dylan lately. Something that changes him from a sweet, chivalrous young man to a ravening beast. And it seems like Kaylia is the only one who can help him figure out how to tame it... If he doesn't devour her first.

The Hidden is the completely rewritten second installment of the Heartfire series- the next book is coming soon!



Grab The Key first!

The Key ecover


I can't stop myself from wanting her, and I don't even know her name. Or if she even exists…

Kaylia Thomas has a secret. She can do something no one else can. She can travel in her dreams. Sometime she even meets other people…

Dylan Weston has it all. He's the richest boy in town and a star athlete with a bright future. But he has a secret. He was only sixteen when the dreams started. He would wake to find a beautiful girl standing above him. Like him, she seemed lost in the desolate words they would visit together in his sleep.

Now it's two years later and he's the prize catch of an Ivy League football team. He's just starting his freshman year when he sees her – the girl from his dreams. She's a fellow student at the prestigious university. And she's real.

Kaylia resists facing the truth about their connection, but Dylan won't give up. He's not the only one drawn to the quiet beauty though. When he rescues her from a group of rowdy sports fans after a game, it triggers something in him that his been long repressed. A family curse that once awakened, can only lead to blood.

Is Kaylia his true love? Or is she the key that unlocks the curse that will be his undoing?

*The Key is the first story in the Heartfire Books, a paranormal romance series from first time author Celeste Davis. It has been completely rewritten and expanded in anticipation of the third book in the series – coming soon from Celeste Davis and Pincushion Press*



Celeste Davis has been fascinated by the paranormal since a young age. She has studied various forms of magic and astral projection starting in her teenage years and still frequently travels at night!

Her new series of books will explore different dark worlds, and the things that remain hidden. Part the curtain and see what lies beneath!

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