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Friday, July 8, 2016

Book Reviews- How to Get Them & What to Do With Them by Felita Daniels

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TITLE – Book Reviews- How to Get Them & What to Do With Them
SERIES (& Book #) – PR Powerhouse- 1
AUTHOR – Felita Daniels
GENRE – Non-Fiction
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 100 pages
PUBLISHER – Lilac Publishing
COVER ARTIST – Felita Daniels

Additional note:
Future books planned in the series will be:
Author Platform: Branding & Your Business Plan
Social Media: How to Get Results Without Taking Up All Your Time
Book Tours: In Real Life and Virtual/Online
Working with Professionals: How to Find Editors, Cover Designers, Publishers, Betas and Other Industry Professionals


PR1 Book Reviews ebook Front Cover


Authors in today's environment are finding that they have to be their own marketing and public relations department. Many could use some guidance with these skills. This book grew out of a workshop I have done for local writer's groups.

Inside you will find:
* Tips on approaching blogs and reviewers
* What not to do
* Should you read your reviews?
* Keeping out of Amazon 'jail'
* Approaches to getting reviews- some common, some off the beaten path
* Current Amazon review policies and what may be coming down the road

Having a game plan to garner reviews will certainly get better results than doing nothing. This book will help you find some avenues you may not have thought of, or didn't know about.





Unfortunately, there are also some things new authors want to avoid. They may not know any better. I have purposely included discussions on some practices that are not approved by some vendor’s terms of service or prudent. Why? I want to explain the reasons why these practices are not a good idea. There will always be someone somewhere trying to cut corners. For instance, Facebook posts pop up every other day offering review swaps. A new author who is dying to get their first review may say to themselves “Oh, what a break,” not realizing how it could all go horribly wrong. By including discussions on these practices, I hope to save a writer a little heartache. There are those that may still proceed down that path anyway. That will be their choice, at least it was an informed choice.



Felita Daniels has always loved reading mysteries. She started Lilac Reviews book blog to share her love of books and writing with others. She is a member of the Knoxville Writers’ Guild and ETCWA (East Tennessee Creative Writers’ Alliance). When ETCWA asked her to do an educational presentation about how authors can get reviews she realized many would benefit from the information she had to share. A book was born!

In addition to working on the school newspaper and yearbook staff when she was in high school and college, several of her jobs have led nicely into preparing her for her mystery and non-fiction writing career. Working at a bank, a brokerage firm and teaching Investor’s Business Daily techniques for a few years helps in the business, fraud and embezzlement, aspects of her mystery novels. Graphic design and administrative assistant experience help in producing the books and the blog. The first in her Anthony Group mystery series is The Case of the Sad Sons, due out September 2016.

When she was young she started with Trixie Beldon, Nancy Drew and the Three Investigators. She graduated to Agatha Christie, Perry Mason, Nero Wolf and Charlie Chan. Sidney Toler is her favorite actor to portray Charlie Chan. Writing her own mysteries has always been a dream for her and she’s tickled pink that the journey has officially begun.

Her other interests are playing with her granddaughter, reading, cooking, sewing and options trading.



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