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Sunday, February 6, 2022

Cover Reveal PreOrder Now Only 99cents


Dark Nebula

A VR Sci-Fi Horror Romance

From: USA Today Bestselling Author, Luna Jade


Cover Designer: Beautifully Twisted Designs


Releases: 10.21.2022






What if you discovered your favorite video game is based on an actual planet? Where aliens indeed exist. And by playing, you are unknowingly setting yourself up for abduction?

A girl has never won a trip to Gamers Con, and Kara is on a mission to be the first by defeating the hottest VR game on the market, Dark Nebula. Little does she know, she and her best friend Hunter's lives are about to be changed forever when they discover that Planet Alderaan is real and some creatures exist beyond those brightly shining stars in the sky. When they become prisoners of the game, can they uncover the truth before it's GAME OVER?

USA Today Bestselling Author of Warrior in Chains brings you a heart-stopping, action-filled novel with plot twists you will never see coming!


Dark Nebula Excerpt:


His eyes dart open, pinning me with his hypnotic gaze. I fall into a trance, and internally I pray he feels the hum, too. It's so loud I can't seem to focus on anything else—that undeniable spark. 

A ravenous hunger to have our bodies intertwined. 

 "I believe you, human." His voice comes out as a husky whisper, and it's enough to make me bite my lip. This insatiable urge continues to build, my thoughts straying into the depth of my fantasies. All I can think about now is touching him in places I cannot see. Kissing those large, juicy lips, I imagine being as sweet and tangy as plums. 

 His fingers slip away from mine, and the absence of his fingers illicit a sting in my heart.

 I have had a small taste of him, and I want, no, need more. 



About the Author:


USA Today Bestselling Author Luna Jade writes dangerously sexy romance about anti-heroes and otherworldly beings worth swooning over.


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