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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Shadow's Warning Book Tour and Giveaway

Shadow's Warning
the Dragon Clan Book 4
Chelsea Falin
Erotic Reverse Harem Paranormal Fantasy 

IV: The Shadow’s Warning

Zalena learns of the four men’s secret magical lives, she makes a
bad choice that alters her life forever. The final battle for world
balance is at hand, but the cost of redemption might simply be too
high for all involved parties.


Bad Guy:


mage tapping into the darker half of the earth element and leader of
the Jewel Clan, he was never so much evil as lost. Of all the things
Azariel is willing to do, harming a woman or child isn’t one of
them. He makes a point to use his resources to eradicate the world of
rapists, woman abusers, and child beaters one dead man at a

The Good Guys:


last dragon shifter and leader of the Dragon Clan. He refuses to
love, because love, he claims, is dangerous. He claims the sweet
Zalena as the alpha male he is, partaking in carnal pleasures infused
with pain that fade into soft care once his urges have been

A wolf shifter who despised the modern
adaptation of his kind as ‘werewolves.’ With puppy-like
enthusiasm and a good nature that lifts everyone’s spirits, Ezra
has an animalistic personality in the bedroom infused with

A mage who taps into the white half
of the spirit element. He’s very ordinary compared to his brethren,
but has a calming way about him that puts everyone at ease. He’s
the voice of common sense in their trio, and when he’s gone on
missions, the other two are known for making very bad

The Woman:

A tiny,
raven-haired beauty who has clawed her way up in the world from a
dark past we don’t quite understand yet. She’s unwittingly pulled
into a world of magic, into the battle for balance in the world, when
she accepts a cleaning position from Damien.

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on Both Fronts
the Dragon Clan Book 3 

III: Battles on Both Fronts

succumbs to the trio’s temptations while continuing to see Azariel.
A mistakes forces Azariel to confess his sins to the Dragon Clan and
the two factions realize they’ve been loving the same woman.

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Secrets in Stride
the Dragon Clan Book 2 

II: Taking Secrets in Stride

get heated between Zalena, Ezra, and Damien while things get sweet
(but steamy) between Zalena and Azariel. The battle for global
domination and perfect world balance has started and Zalena has no
idea she’s caught in the middle.

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the Dragon Clan Book 1 

I: Lustful Dreaming

Zalena is hired by Damien to keep house,
and she starts having weird, lustful dreams about her new employer.
Azariel starts stirring up trouble… including asking out

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Falin is the multi-genre author of more than 35 titles. She's written
books in the romance, erotica, young adult, children's, fantasy,
paranormal, and nonfiction genres.

began writing with intents to publish in 2006, and finally released
her first book in 2009, at the age of 19. She has since released
several standalone books and multiple series, which include "The
Benson Family Chronicles,""Taming the Dragon Clan
Chronicles," "The Growing Roots Series," "Curious
Kids Series," and "Think You Know Your States? Series."
Additionally, Chelsea is a content marketing specialist and book

her personal life, Chelsea is a mom of two humans and three cats who
enjoys reading, writing, cooking, fishing, hiking, and spending time
with her family.

the tour
for special content and a giveaway!

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