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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Love's Promise Book Tour and Giveaway

Struggle Book 2
Cheryl Holloway

Contemporary Romance 

is a decision, a commitment, and a promise…but for how long?

been a while, since Bob proposed to Ava, the woman of his dreams, and
purchased the special ring that she wanted. Ava’s biological clock
is ticking, but Bob keeps postponing their wedding. Ava wants to
fulfill her dream of being a June She wants to wait for
Bob, but he can’t seem to make it to the altar. Their struggle

love and pain—Can their relationship withstand another ride on this
bumpy road called love?

Love’s Promise, the struggling literary roller-coaster ride
continues, and Ava is disappointed that her life isn’t where she
expected it to be at her age—in a loving marriage with Bob. This
gem of a book will keep you captivated with the many twists and
turns, right up to the unanticipated ending.

Struggle Book 1 

makes the ride worthwhile…or does it?

is ready to take the next step in his relationship, and he wants to
marry Ava, the woman of his dreams. He’s been secretly saving up
money for the “special” ring that she wants. To quicken the
process, he gets a part-time job as a Ryde driver, but…Bob stumbles
upon Ava’s secret. The struggle begins.

their relationship withstand secrets and cheating?

Ride is a literary roller-coaster ride that will make you happy,
scared, excited, angry, hopeful, and more—not necessarily in that

HOLLOWAY is an award-winning writer, talk show host, journalist and
retired writer-editor for the Federal Government.

has been the Editor of numerous magazines and newsletters; and was an
intern at the Smithsonian Institution Press. Cheryl is an avid reader
and dedicated writer. She won her first writing contest at 15 years
old with a State Crime Prevention Essay in Indiana. She began writing
feature articles and later became a sportswriter and Editor. This
author and book lover also enjoys traveling to any place with a
beach. She was born in Chicago and raised in Indiana. She currently
lives in southern Maryland and northern California with her family,
where she is hard at work on three other book projects that are works
in progress.

Cheryl Holloway has
a writer's blog where she pays-it-forward to other authors. Cheryl
Holloway added, "I firmly believe that Pay-It-Forward means that
we must serve others in order to lift up ourselves."

the tour
for special content and a giveaway!

Amazon – 2 winners!

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