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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Empire of Jackais Book Tour and Giveaway

of Jackals
Trilogy Book 2
Morgan Cole

YA Fantasy 

war with Tyrace is over.

was supposed to be a time of celebration. Of triumph. But for Marilia
Sandara, hero of Chrysathamere Pass, the cost was too high. After
watching he childhood friends slaughtered before her eyes, all she
wants to do is sail back to Svartennos and try to forget the price
she had to pay for her victory.

the peace isn’t long to last. After Emperor Vergana makes a
shocking announcement—that he means to disinherit his true-born
son, Rufyllys, in favor of his adopted child, Prince Ilruyn—the
seeds are sown that will plunge Navessea back into war. This time,
Marilia and her twin brother, Annuweth, find themselves on opposite
sides of a conflict that threatens to undo all they fought for. By
the time the dust settles and the killing stops, only one of the
children of Karthtag-Kal may be left standing.

The Warlord
Trilogy Book 1 

the bastard daughter of a painted lady, Marilia was told she would
live out her days within the walls of her mother’s brothel, a
companion for the rich men of Tyrace. But after a terrible betrayal,
Marilia’s world turns upside down. With the help of her twin
brother, Annuweth, she flees the only home she’s ever known in
search of the one man who can offer her a chance at a better life:
one of her deceased father’s friends, the Emperor of Navessea’s
greatest general.

follows is a journey spanning years, from the streets of the desert
city of Tyracium to the splendor of the emperor’s keep and the
wind-swept, wild island of Svartennos. Along the way, Marilia
discovers, for the first time, the gift she has for strategy and
warfare—a world that is forbidden to girls like her.

the empire is threatened by a foreign invasion, the defense of
Navessea is left in the hands of a cruel and arrogant general no
match for the empire's foes. With the fate of her new home and her
family hanging in the balance, Marilia swears to use all her courage
and cunning to help repel the enemy...if she can convince anyone to
follow her.

struggle that follows will test her to her core and lead her back to
the past she thought she had escaped. Facing treachery within her own
ranks as well as a devious enemy commander, Marilia will need all the
help she can get, even if it means doing something her brother may
never forgive—making a pact with the man who murdered her

by The Song of Achilles and Ender’s Game, Marilia, the Warlord is a
blend of the epic and the personal, a story of war, romance, envy,
the rivalry between brother and sister, and a young woman’s fight
to find her place in the world.

it FREE!! **

being bombarded with one too many school motivational posters, I
decided to “shoot for the moon” by pursuing a risky double-major
in creative writing and history on the assumption that the worst-case
scenario would be landing among the stars. I instead landed in
long-term unemployment—and unpaid internships, let’s not forget
the unpaid internships—in small-town Ohio. Eventually, after
several re-writes and two unhappy years, my first novel (not counting
a couple of incredibly pretentious high fantasy books from my high
school and college years that have all hopefully been hunted down and
burned) was picked up by a literary agent—and then put back down
when it was determined it was not marketable to a young adult

I began making more financially sound life choices and now work as an
attorney in the public sector while continuing to write on the side.

the tour
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