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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

A Novel Life Book Tour and Giveaway

Novel Life
Thornton Cline


Carlton the master of his own destiny, or is Mr. Turnbull the real
puppet master and author?

New York publisher, Sheldon House, offers seventeen-year-old Carlton
Tucker a book publishing contract with a $100,000 advance payment and
a sixty-city book tour for his manuscript. Carlton believes he has
authored the book, A Novel Life. But did he? Mr. Arnold Turnbull,
Chief Editor of Sheldon House, has secretly written a manuscript with
the same story and title. Mr. Turnbull flies Carlton to New York to
meet him.

Carlton is on his book tour in Laramie, Wyoming, he encounters
uncanny, deja vu events which lead him to believe he has lived the
same life before. Carlton discovers things he wrote in his novel over
a year ago are coming to pass now. Is this merely a coincidence or
some supernatural force at work?

falls more deeply in love with Taylor while signing his books in
Laramie. But then he discovers a devastating tragedy about to happen
to Taylor unless Carlton can convince Mr. Arnold Turnbull to allow
him to change the ending of his book. There's only one problem.
Unknown to Carlton, Mr. Arnold Turnbull controls Carlton's fate, and
every event that's unfolding in "A Novel Life." Can
Turnbull be stopped before it's too late for Taylor? Can Taylor be
saved from the disaster that awaits her?

since his mother signed him up for piano lessons at age five,
Thornton Cline has been writing non-stop.; With over 1,000 published
songs, 150 recorded songs, twenty-eight traditionally published
adult, children's and YA books published, Thornton Cline has been
nominated multiple times for Grammy and Dove Awards. In 2017, Cline
won a first place Maxy Literary Award for "Best Children's Young
Adult Book". Thornton Cline's books have appeared at the top of
the Amazon bestselling charts. Cline has been honored with
"Songwriter of the Year" twice-in-a row and has received a
platinum award for certified sales of over one million units in
Europe. Cline continues to mentor, speak, teach and inspire aspiring
authors and songwriters around the world. He resides in
Hendersonville, Tennessee with his wife, Audrey and two cats, Kiki
and Gracie.

the tour
for special content and a giveaway!

$20 Amazon 

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