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Monday, March 23, 2015

The Dating Misfortunes of Paige Turner Cover Reveal

Title: The Dating Misfortunes of Paige Turner
Series: Circle of Friends #1
Author: Aubrey Kendall
Cover Design: Rachel Olson at No Sweat Graphics
 Release Date: May 5, 2015


Is it possible for a princess to meet her Prince Charming
for the first time and fall in love? Are the princesses we read about kidding
themselves, or do they just settle? Happily ever after is something all women
dream of as children, but how does someone meet that one exquisite man then run
off and marry him? Rubbish! 

The men Paige Turner has met have had something terribly
wrong with them or just aren't charming at all. 

Paige has only ever felt love from a boy long ago, and is
finally ready to settle down. The few potentials, however, are colleagues and
she has a strict rule in dating men she works with. Holding a job as a
paralegal and owning her own home, Paige has made her decision to get serious
in her dating efforts. 

After several attempts to find the guy of her dreams, Paige
begins to see a not-so-bright future. Just as she thinks she found the one, he
turns out to be something she is not. Luckily for Paige, a few of her friends
help her along the way.

Will Paige ever find her Prince Charming? Or is she destined
to be a maiden forever?

Each book in the Circle of Friends series is a standalone

Author Bio

Knowles wanted to keep her S.M. name separate for her YA Books. Aubrey Kendall
is for anything that is not YA or not meant for children to read. She graduated
with her Master’s degree in Adult Education and Training in 2012 and is now
looking at pursuing her doctoral program. She has been writing since the age of
nine, but didn’t pursue publishing until 2013. She lives in Phoenix Arizona
with her two daughters and husband.

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