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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Review of Ward Sisters Books 1-4 by Lucy Gage

Author: Lucy Gage
Title: Ward Sisters Books 1-4
Series: Ward Sisters Series
Release Date: January 12, 2015


Back to December (Ward Sisters, #1)
Only One (Ward Sisters, #2)
Right Here Waiting (Ward Sisters, #3)
This Year's Love (Ward Sisters, #4)
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Welcome to the world of the Ward Sisters, Emily, Anne and Charlotte. Get to know them, their friends and the new people who have come into their lives.

Start with Emily's story, Back to December, where you'll meet the oldest Ward daughter, and the movie star, Rob Deacon, who sweeps her off her feet.

Then, in Only One, you'll get to know Emily's bodyguard, Liam Neely, who happens to be Rob's best friend. You'll also meet Jenna Ackerman, Rob's assistant and his other best friend, the woman with whom playboy Liam falls in love.

In Right Here Waiting, you'll learn about Emily's lifelong best friend, Meghan Miles, and meet the soldier who steals her heart, Captain Neil Murphy.

And then, in This Year's Love, you'll hear middle sister Annie Ward's story of how she fell for her sister's ex-boyfriend, Josh Ricker.

Additional glimpses into the lives of these characters – in the form of deleted scenes which didn't make it into the published narrative – are included at the end of each story. For any fans of the series, these are peeks at the characters you won't want to miss.


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I love Emily and Rob's story.  How they meet and fall in love.  Emily is on a business trip when she bumps into Rob.  They both feel the chemistry between them instantly.  What Emily doesn't realize at first is Rob is a famous movie star.  Rob is very surprised she doesn't know him since everyone does.  When she find out who he is, it doesn't change anything between them.  Rob has no life as a movie star and the press won't leave him alone as Emily finds out.  Will Emily be able to handle being in the public or will an ex-girlfriend come between them?  You will have to read this book to find out.  Lucy is a wonderful writer and her stories and characters are so very  real.  She draws you into her stories and you feel like you are one of the characters.  I love her writing and I recommend you read this whole series. You will not regret it.  5 stars


Liam, is Rob's best friend and body guard and Jenna is his other best friend and assistant.  When Liam and Jenna meet, there is instant chemistry between them and they fall in love.  Liam is a playboy and is unable to settle with just one woman.  He was burned in the past and is unable commit to one woman.  Liam continually goes back and forth between women including Jenna.  Jenna is hoping that Liam will commit to her and only her.  Will Liam finally commit to her or will Jenna move on?  I really enjoyed this story and recommend that you read it.  5 stars


I really love this series.  It dwells in the lives of the Ward Sisters who are different as day and night.  The Ward Sisters faced many obstacles to be with the ones they love.  My favorite couple were Captain Neil Murphy and Meghan Miles, Emily's lifelong friend who were so different but found each other despite their difference and found an everlasting love that ran so deeply.  Meghan was such a complicated character who was always misjudged and her character was ruined by a man.  She could never be the real her.  But Neil saw the real Meghan which gave her the strength to move away and start over again.  I really loved how they meant each other and how that meeting left a lasting impression on both of them especially Meghan.  I love how they meet and fall hopelessly in love and then Neil had to leave and go over seas.  This story was so touching and romantic. I love the letters and communication back and fourth between them.  I love how Lucy Gage put lots of obstacles in their way which only showed how deeply their love ran.  The biggest test was when Neil loses his memory and forgets Meghan.  Will he remember their love?  Will Meghan wait for him as long as it takes for him to regain it? 5 stars


I have to admit that I didn't enjoy this story as much as the other stories because I really didn't like Annie.  I thought she was very selfish and basically did everything her mother told her to do.  She really wasn't her own person like her sisters.  Annie was really jealous of her sisters and wanted to be them.  I really believe Annie set out to steal Emily's boyfriend, Josh.  She wanted  him from the very beginning and hung out with him every chance she got.  Despite that, I really did enjoy the story.  I liked Josh very much and thought he deserved to be happy.  I admit that Josh and Emily have a lot in common and that they were perfect for one another.  But what they did to Emily was uncalled for.  Annie and Josh should have been honest with her upfront but they weren't.  I can't believe Annie did that to her own sister.  5 stars

I highly recommend you read this series.  It is a wonderful read filled with many wonderful stories and characters.  They are all connected to one another.  Lucy has become another one of my favorite authors.  I love her writing and I love her characters and stories.  I highly recommend you read this series and any books by her. You will not regret it.


Back to December

looked at Rob and couldn't read what he was thinking. She could tell
there was something on his mind, but she had no clue what it was.

to share?” she asked, curious.

“Can I kiss you?” he replied, his voice steady.

Em was stunned. She didn't know what to say. It had been over five
years since she had been asked to be kissed. She nodded slowly, so as
not to appear too eager, though she was, in fact, dying to kiss him.
She had been looking at his mouth quite a bit these last few hours,
and it always seemed so kissable.

leaned toward her, and she met him halfway. That heady forest scent
invaded her nostrils more thoroughly now and her brain swam. He
looked at her with a sweet smile, just a little grin that said he was
looking forward to this. She met his eyes and his smile with one of
her own, though she suspected that, as soon as he'd asked, he'd known
what her answer would be by the expression on her face.

lips brushed against hers, gentle at first, with just a little bit of
pressure. The gesture implied respect without stifling the desire
that raced through Emily's blood. Her skin heated and the dampness
between her thighs, which had been present since dinner, bordered on
embarrassing. How could she want someone so much from just a simple

Only One

They walked back to the car,
hand in hand, in an unusual silence. Jenna started to step around the
car to the passenger's side, and Liam tightened his grip on her hand
so she couldn't let go. Her expression said she was curious as he
drew her toward him and leaned against the car hood. She let him
guide her until her body was pressed against his and their faces were
inches apart.

His heart raced again, which
Liam found odd – he hadn't felt nervous before he kissed a girl
since junior high. Swallowing hard, he brushed the hair from her face
like he'd done earlier. Her breath hitched, and he knew she wanted
him to kiss her as much as he wanted to do it. He looked at her
mouth, then into her eyes. They leaned in at the same time, crushing
their lips together in a long-overdue kiss.

Heat rushed through his body and
his dick hardened before she even slid her tongue into his mouth. As
their tongues danced, one hand found her ass and pulled her pelvis to
his, while the other threaded into her hair, bringing her mouth
closer, and deepening the kiss. She whimpered and gripped his neck.

The kiss lasted a few minutes
and then they needed air. They leaned apart, touched foreheads, their
breath labored.

“Wow,” Jenna whispered.

“Yeah. I agree,” Liam said.

Right Here Waiting

Meghan stared back at him as intently. Finally, she said, “What's going on here, Neil?”

“What do you mean?

“This. What's happening between us? Am I reading you wrong? Are you not interested in me?”

Neil couldn't let her think that. No. Never. He'd wanted her for too long to let her ever believe he wasn't interested, even for a moment. He pulled back, stood still and looked at her. He looked at her mouth. He wanted to kiss her, but if he waited until they were alone, she might give up on him. Danny was right, he had to stop sabotaging this.

Neil threaded his hands in her sun-kissed hair. In her eyes, he saw a desire to kiss him as powerful as his own. He leaned in, pressed his lips to hers and a wave of heat washed over him. Meghan leaned into the kiss, opening her lips, and as he slid his tongue into her mouth, Neil had to use every ounce of restraint his military training had afforded him to keep it from getting indecent.

Meghan pulled away and saved Neil from himself.

This Year's Love

“Are you okay?” she asked.

He nodded slowly and swallowed.

“Uh huh,” he muttered.

His dilated pupils said he liked
what he saw. She grinned. In two strides of his long legs, he was
right next to her and it was Annie's turn to gasp – he towered over

He looked at her, shook his
head, then he crushed her to his body, his face a breath away. She
opened her mouth and his tongue plunged inside. Unlike the other
morning, he knew this was her and not Em. Yet, he kissed her with
even more passion, stealing her air.

Before she knew what was
happening, he lifted her off the ground, wrapped her legs around his
waist and carried her to the bed. They collapsed onto the mattress,
and when his pelvis pressed into her core, they moaned in unison.

“God, you're beautiful,” he
breathed around her lips.



Back to December

Only One

Right Here Waiting

This Year's Love


 As a child, Lucy Gage relished time to use her imagination, whether it was playing with her siblings - dolls, cars and trucks, make believe, LEGOs - or reading a book. That still translates today, as she writes the stories bouncing through her head, or reads the work of others. Her two imaginative children play the same way she did in her youth and love to read. She considers this her greatest accomplishment to date. 

Married for the past dozen years, she and her family live in rural Maine. When not at the keyboard, she most enjoys gardening, hiking, amateur photography, the beach, dancing, crafts, ice skating, snow shoeing, boating and of course, reading.



  1. Awesome reviews thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and be a part of the tour. -Tonya @ My Family's Heart ❤

  2. Awesome reviews thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and be a part of the tour. -Tonya @ My Family's Heart ❤