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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Deeply in Love

GENRE: Self-help, Non-fiction, Self-improvement






The Creator is unique, unfathomable, formless, and without any attributes. After searching everywhere, I first found it in myself, and then I found it, all prevalent and timeless, in every Creation of the Creator.


DIL Deeply in Love is author Neena Paul's attempt to reach out to all people in the entire world, irrespective of age, to help them connect with their own self.




EXCERPTS (Exclusive Excerpt):



In our lives, we work on both active and passive growth. All our lives, we are the only ones who can use the active vision of what we see to help us grow in our self-consciousness.


If passively we are advanced, then we have completed our journey to our super-subconsciousness and our awareness of it. Through discipline and meditation, you become aware of your being. You can use this passive strength to first help yourself in the active form. Then, you can help other people in their active form.


You need to understand here that your consciousness or your awareness of this internal movement will only start from the outside by observing things around you and by following patterns. Always remember that the universe or true nature and your surroundings is always giving you insight and direction. You need to understand and observe this. It’s like reading between the lines.


It is as simple as saying that when you exercise, you plan and work towards your goal. You expect results the very first day you hit the gym. However, that does not happen. It is a process that you have to go through which not only involves an exercise plan but also healthy eating habits and some lifestyle-changing choices. The exercise is the active part of the change, whereas the eating, the sleeping, and the lifestyle changes are the passive part of the change.


The results are not instant. The first few observations become visible often after about two weeks of regular exercise and eating healthy. So basically, what you’re trying to do is release the active and the passive for your own physicality to improve your lifestyle.


Let us put the same example in the journey that we are discussing here. Actively, it is your consciousness, your present moment in life and your belongingness in this world which connect you to your surroundings in terms of what you see and observe in people around you. This can be referred to here as the exercise routine. Passively, it is your consciousness. You are your internal self which is making you understand the phenomenon of the things and patterns around you. You need to understand this, just like you need to eat healthy.


When you look at both the active and passive in collectivity, they form a process wherein the results are obvious and visible to the world. After three weeks of exercise and healthy eating, you will not only feel good physically (that is actively), but it is possible that you will feel happier internally. You will feel more at peace with yourself.





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The author, a successful entrepreneur and business woman for over three decades, is now using her experience, as a consultant and a coach to help people globally. Her endeavor is to help everyone live and love their lives, and to bring meaning to their existence.











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