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Monday, May 31, 2021

Dancing in the Dark by Lilly Wilde

Lilly Wilde's latest release is a heart-wrenching journey that reignites your love for the genre!

** This book is a standalone with a HEA
** This is a spin-off of The Untouched Series.
Although the stories/characters are interconnected, the spin-off CAN be read as a standalone.

To ALLISON RAINE, becoming a prima ballerina was nothing more than an illusion. But when the opportunity to realize her dream presents itself, she shuns the love and security of her billionaire family to obtain the one thing that fills her with purpose.

To her boyfriend WILLIAM HOLT, success and prestige are everything—more than family, more than friends, more than the misdeeds of a past he’s buried. But when it all comes back to haunt him, he finds himself scrambling to secure a life that’s become a tornado of lies, danger, and heartache.

To her colleague MAXIMUS HOLT, life is unfolding as he’d planned. He has everything he could ever hope for… except the girl he can’t get out of his head. Captivated by Allison’s talent and beauty, he’s determined to claim her as more than just a dance partner. But his pursuit comes to a screeching halt when she’s captured by a fate she hoped to escape.

Seized by a verdict she can’t accept, Allison withdraws from everything that once gave her life meaning and succumbs to a darkness that consumes her whole. As she spirals deeper into the abyss, who will be there to guide her back to the light?

Dancing In The Dark by Lilly Wilde

"Another addicting page-turner from Lilly Wilde!"
Sharing My Book Boyfriends Blog

"Another stunning read! This eagerly anticipated spinoff to the Untouched series has left me spellbound and totally in awe. It is a story that will leave your heart pumping and your limbs tingling. Full of love, lust, devotion, deceit, betrayal, shock, and twists. It is a read that will have you captivated until the end. This is a highly charged emotional read. Heart-wrenching and sometimes brutal on your soul but there is always room for a book that leaves its mark."
You Can't Resista Dirty Book Blog

"OMG!! Lilly has done it again!! Make sure you don't miss this emotional, loving, and heart-wrenching story. You won't be disappointed. This story will have you captivated from cover to cover and still wanting more."
Crystal George - Goodreads Reviewer

"My heart was in a constant state of emotions, shattered, mended, and then overflowing with love. Overall a very powerful story from start to finish that will touch a part of your soul and stay with you forever. If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would. Any story that is a spin-off from the Untouched Series will always be at the top of my must-read list!!!!! You are so very gifted Lilly Wilde. I want more and more of your stories!!!!"
Alicia H - Amazon Reviewer

"Well, it definitely did not disappoint! From the first page to the last page, this book held on to me. This story is an emotional ride full of emotion -- happiness, sadness, heat, angst, mystery, fear, hurt, excitement, heartbreak. It has it all. I felt like I was in the story feeling all of these emotions right along with them."
Heather Swan - Amazon Reviewer

"I am in absolute awe of this book. Once again Lilly Wilde had me completely emerged and captivated in the lives of the Raine family, but this time it's my girl, Allison!! From the turn of the first page, I was instantly craving for more. Allison's story will have you feeling every emotion possible. I felt as if I were there in the story right beside them all, like a movie playing out in my head. I cried, laughed, screamed with anger, and fell in love all over again."
Lisa Upshaw - Amazon Reviewer

"Written in multi-pov, a novel that draws you in, turning the pages in anticipation of what will happen next until the very end leaving you craving more. The writing style is captivating and not a cliché. So many innervations as this story is brimming with angst, danger, heartache, fearful moments, mystery, sensual moments, and so much more. Definitely highly recommend reading this phenomenal romance novel."
Sophie Koufes - Goodreads Reviewer

"It’s so refreshing to read a book that doesn’t adhere itself to the typical “formula” of romance. I wasn’t able to predict the storyline from the very outset, and I loved every single minute of it!"
Cassandra - Goodreads Reviewer

Lilly Wilde pens steamy contemporary romance with unapologetic alphas and feisty heroines. Their raw, addictive storylines are full of heat, emotion, twists, and turns that leave her readers breathless and her characters floundering as they struggle to achieve that happily ever after!

Lilly is a dreamer, author, poet, and Army veteran who thrives on tea, chocolate, and movies. She currently resides in North Carolina with hopes of one day living abroad.


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