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Friday, October 9, 2015

Rapture 2 by Perri Forrest Book Blast

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Title: Rapture 2rapture gif

Series: Two books / Rapture was released August 28th  

Author: Perri Forrest

Audience: Adult 18+

Genre: IR / Women’s fiction / Romance / BWWM

Format: Ebook and paperback

Publisher: Jessica Watkins Presents

Cover by: Brittani Williams

Editor: Ninha Ferreira

Date Published: October 5, 2015

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When you think of rapture, you think of ecstasy, bliss, elation, and things of that nature. In short, a feeling of intense pleasure or joy. Rush had that. Or rather, Rush has that in the beautiful Alika Collins. Alika brings forth everything he wants in a woman. The two literally crashed into each other’s lives, and their whirlwind love story is safely set on solid ground. But is it really? And if so, for how long? There are certainly things that can disrupt what they have just begun to build.

Recently, Rush was dealt a devastating blow: He has a young daughter who he never knew existed. After this life-shattering secret is exposed, Rush finds out that those close to him are the ones behind it all. Feeling betrayed, he instantly dismisses those individuals from his life. In his mind, their actions were unforgivable and mending fences is not of urgency. At present, his primary goal is finding, and forging a relationship, with his child. Nothing will keep him from doing that.

But while Rush is establishing this new phase of life, things are in disarray in the old life.

For one, someone wants Rush's father dead and will go to great lengths to make it happen. Then there’s the mother of Rush's daughter who wants more than to co-parent. This leaves Alika feeling the strain of it all while trying to remain by his side. Yes, things become chaotic. But, Rush is no stranger to chaos. Hell, he even has a club called Chaos, as a testament to where he's been and what he's made of.

But how much can one person take?

Rapture 2 brings many things to question, but it will be interesting to see how it all turns out in the end. Specifically, which relationships will remain intact, and which ones will be forever altered to the point of no return.


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I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but raised in sunny California. I describe myself as a trilogy: A businesswoman who navigates through Corporate America flawlessly from Human Resources to Project Management, a Sociologist with a burning desire to save the world, and an Author who loves writing life into fiction.

While my pen and paper consummated when I was pre-teen, my written words would not be seen until a long time after. My dream was always to write a book, but I didn't take steps to do so out of fear that readers wouldn't be interested in what I had to say.

When I suffered the devastating loss of my first cousin, in 2006, with a few months left to complete my undergraduate studies, I barely made it through. A good friend not only suggested that I begin blogging, that friend gifted me with a newly designed blog platform, which birthed my first e-journal.

The blog opened a whole new world for me and served as a place I could express candidly, about life. When my blog was discovered and I began receiving compliments on not just my candor, but on my writing style, it fueled the fire, and thoughts of penning a novel resurfaced.

The lingering doubts of, "Who would even want to read your work?" were replaced with, "Worry about an audience later, and just do it."

And that I did.

I write what I like to call, "Multicultural Mayhem". I label it as such because you never know what will happen in my stories, but what is certain; there will always exist a multicultural cast who bring with them plenty of Sex, Cursing and Sass. Oh...and the occasional Happily Ever After.

I love producing intimate moments that aren't just about sex. There's heat, and there's passion. But, it's a sexy kind of intimacy that I love exploring through my characters. I enjoy seeing them connect on both intellectual and physical levels. That connection allows me to build erotic moments, with purpose, and satisfaction.

I plan to perfect my craft and delve into other genres, down the line. With "Amazon bestselling author," added to my list of credits, I am in the writing game for the long haul and have no intentions of putting down my pen any time soon.


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