Hi everyone My name is Victoria Zumbrum, 40 years old, married 14 years with 1 son. This is my very first blog. So bear with me. I have always wanted to have my own blog. I have always loved to read. I enjoy getting lost in a good book.
I love becoming part of the story and characters. I am hoping to bring my love of books to my readers.

I love reading different genres such as paranormal, young adult, romance, romantic suspense, mystery, Christian fiction, some horror, etc. The list goes on. I started reviewing books a couple of years ago and have done reviews for different blogs and even some authors. I really have enjoyed reviewing books and I will continue to do so. If anyone is interested in me reviewing a book for them, please contact me. I still have a lot to learn regarding my own blog so bear with me. I welcome and appreciate all followers.

Friday, July 19, 2019

The Chase Cover Reveal

One temptress. Two alphas. Hot pursuit.
The night Heavenly Young gave her innocence to Dr. Kenneth Beckman and Seth Cooper, her world was ripped apart by betrayal and tragedy. She leaves behind everything and everyone to fulfill a deathbed promise and start her life over. But her solitary quest forces her to face her past and question where her future truly lies—alone or in the arms of the two unforgettable men she loves?
After putting his heart on the line—something Seth swore he’d never do again—he’s devastated when Heavenly walks away from him and Beck. Hell-bent on reclaiming her, they chase her down and help her complete her solemn duty. But Heavenly is caught between independence and love, forcing him and Beck to make her a deal. She’ll give them total commitment for eight weeks. If she still wants her freedom after that, they’ll let her go—for good.
After Beck’s reckless mistake implodes the fragile bond he and Seth share with Heavenly, he’s determined to prove they can give her both the adventure she seeks and the devotion she craves. So the men devise a game to break down her barriers and bind her in bliss. But when their dreams are within reach, a demon from Beck’s long-forgotten past returns, bent on revenge that might cost him his life.

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About Authors

Shayla Black

Shayla Black is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than sixty novels. For nearly twenty years, she’s written contemporary, erotic, paranormal, and historical romances via traditional, independent, foreign, and audio publishers. Her books have sold millions of copies and been published in a dozen languages.

Raised an only child, Shayla occupied herself with lots of daydreaming, much to the chagrin of her teachers. In college, she found her love for reading and realized that she could have a career publishing the stories spinning in her imagination. Though she graduated with a degree in Marketing/Advertising and embarked on a stint in corporate America to pay the bills, her heart has always been with her characters. She’s thrilled that she’s been living her dream as a full-time author for the past eight years.

Shayla currently lives in North Texas with her wonderfully supportive husband, her daughter, and two spoiled tabbies. In her “free” time, she enjoys reality TV, reading, and listening to an eclectic blend of music.
Jenna Jacob

USA Today
Bestselling author Jenna Jacob paints a canvas of passion, romance, and humor as her alpha men and the feisty women who love them unravel their souls, heal their scars, and find a happy-ever-after kind of love. Heart-tugging, captivating, and steamy, Jenna’s books will surely leave you breathless and craving more.

A mom of four grown children, Jenna and her alpha-hunk husband live in Kansas. She loves reading, getting away from the city on the back of a Harley, music, camping, and cooking.

Meet her wild and wicked fictional family in Jenna’s sultry series: The Doms of Genesis. Become spellbound by searing triple love connections in her continuing saga: The Doms of Her Life (co-written with the amazing Shayla Black and Isabella LaPearl). Journey with couples struggling to resolve their pasts and heal their scars to discover unbridled love and devotion in her contemporary series: Passionate Hearts. Or laugh along as Jenna lets her zany sense of humor and lack of filter run free in the romantic comedy series: Hotties of Haven.
Isabella LaPearl

Isabella LaPearl is a USA Today bestselling author known for her collaboration with Shayla Black & Jenna Jacob for the Doms of Her Life Series. She enjoys writing sexy, erotic romance. A wife, mother, writer, reader and a love for riding motorcycles.

To say it's been an extraordinary journey thus far would be an understatement... what a rush! What a thrill to realize dreams and see them go from a seed to fruition. So for all you aspiring Authors, who like me, have a fire inside that burns brightly and demands to be sated by writing... Never give up.

The Heal Me Series Book Tour and Giveaway

Me Series Book 1
Stacy Eaton

Medical Romance 

Greene and Trudy Parker met during their college years and on the
night that they meet at Shot Therapy to reconnect, Embers’s life
begins to change. For six years, Ember has closed off her heart,
moving from one man to another, trying to feel something other than
her own pain and guilt.

Barnes is a plastic surgeon who strives to give people a better
quality of life, especially children. The night he watches Ember
leave the bar with another one-night stand, he resolves to offer up a
challenge to get her to view herself in a new light.

does he know that the challenge will change both their lives, but
when Embers’s secret is exposed, will Colt be able to accept it and
trust her, or will Ember go back to her old ways and leave Colt

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Me Series Book 2

New Year’s Kiss with a stranger will turn Pediatrician Walker
Hunt’s world upside down. Even more so when he is called into the
hospital for a drowning victim and finds out the patient is the son
of the woman who changed everything for him months ago.

Willows is done with her husband and his cheating ways. She’s ready
to serve him with divorce papers and move on with her life. When her
son falls through ice and is clinging to life, she comes face to face
with the man who gave her the inner strength to move forward.

Jasmine deal with the fact that her son might have sustained
life-altering damage due during his submersion? Will Walker &
Jasmine find the sparks they briefly shared, or will the incident
with her son send them in opposite directions when the ex-husband
shows back up?
Medical Romance? Check out the rest of the Heal Me Series for sexy
romances that will warm your heart as they deal with life altering
medical and psychological issues. While each book in the Heal Me
Series is a stand-alone book, the characters cross between books and
are best enjoyed by reading them in order.

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Me Series Book 3

Napier had given up on love after a longtime crush told her he loved
her like a sister. Intent on staying busy at work as a surgical nurse
to suppress the pain, Josey is shocked when she recognizes Tucker
Wheatcraft, the police officer who saved a friend’s child from
drowning, on her operating room table—fighting for his own

months after pulling a young boy from the freezing water while off
duty, Tucker is struck by a car and shot. When he wakes up and finds
the woman he’s had his eye on standing vigil over him, he’s
thankful to be alive, but after weeks of therapy, Tucker still isn’t
getting the feeling back in his legs, and the mind games are starting
to wreak havoc with him. Can he ever be the kind of man that Josey

Me Series Book 4

a favor to her brother, Marisha Wheatcraft joins Tucker and Josey at
a Montana ski resort for their honeymoon. Since Tucker can no longer
ski, Marisha is happy to be Josey’s partner on the slopes. 

Sweeney is a little bitter from being left at the altar and having to
care for his father who has always told him he’s worthless. When he
runs into Marisha and Tucker, long-lost friends from his teen years
in Texas, he’s thrilled to see them at the resort where he works,
especially Marisha who has grown into a beautiful and sassy

feels as if her childhood dreams are finally coming true, but Jake
sees her as a wealthy and professional woman who could do much better
than him. While a one-night stand brings them closer, words spoken in
public will tear them apart.

an avalanche hits the slopes, lives are on the line, and all hope of
love could be lost for them both if they are not rescued.


is a USA Today Bestselling author and began her writing career in
October of 2010. Stacy took early retirement from law enforcement
after over fifteen years of service in 2016 due to a second serious
concusion. Her last three years on the job were in investigations and
crime scene investigation. She now writes full-time.

resides in southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, who works in
law enforcement, and her teen daughter. Stacy also has a son who is
currently serving in the United States Navy. She is also very
involved in Domestic Violence Awareness and served on the Board of
Directors for her local Domestic Violence Center for three

writes a variety of genre's, but mostly romance. She enjoys writing
real-life stories that people can relate too with real-life problems,
emotions, and solutions.

favorites: Classic cars, photography, Disney, music, coffee and her
favorite sweatshirt that says, "You are dangerously close to
getting killed in my next novel."

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The Shifter Chronicles Book Tour and Giveaway

Shifter Chronicles Book 1
Michelle Areaux

YA Fantasy Romance Thriller 

well do you know yourself? Sixteen-year-old Elle thinks she's got
life in Shady Oaks all under control until new boy Asher comes to
town. Elle can't explain it, but she can't deny the connection she
feels to him. Things with Asher are going great until they're out one
night and nearly attacked by a large wolf.
she knows it, Elle's life is spiraling out of control: Maddox is in
love with her, she and Asher are in danger… and she learns she's a
shifter! If that wasn't bad enough, she finds herself in the middle
of an ages-old war between shifters and hunters. What else can she do
but join the cause?
Elle stay with Asher or break-up with him to be with Maddox? What
does it mean to be a shifter? Who will emerge victorious in the

Shifter Chronicles Book 2

Elle's life changed in a matter of seconds after learning she wasn't
only human, but a shifter too. To make matters worse, her best friend
Maddox and boyfriend Asher have a mutual hate for one another that
leaves Elle in the middle of their constant battles.
a new discovery now lingering over Elle, she is left with more
questions than she ever could have imagined. Thinking she has found a
way to handle her new found life as a shifter, she now finds herself
faced with a much larger challenge.
huntress named Evaline is now seeking to destroy all shifters and
vampires as she makes it her goal to avenge her father's death and
end all otherworldly creatures once and for all.
Elle be able to survive the army now seeking to destroy her world?
Will Elle be forced to choose between her best friend and boyfriend?
a new fantasy world with Everpure, the second book in the Evershade
Shifter Chronicles.

Shifter Chronicles Book 3

Elle, she thought the day she learned she was a Shifter was the most
frustrating day of her life. Well, that was until she found herself
in the middle of a war between her best friend and boyfriend.
everything is about to change for this trio as a known Witch in Shady
Oaks has decided to wage a war against the Shifters and Otherworldly
time, Elle may find herself battling with new powers and without her
trusted best friend, Maddox.
how hearts are broken and mended in this exciting third installment
of the Shifter Chronicles, Evernight.

Shifter Chronicles Book 4

Elle discovers a new Shifter in town, she doesn’t expect her entire
world to be turned upside down. Between Elle’s new powers placing
her in even more danger, Magdalyn taking her best friend, Maddox, and
new enemies; all odds seem to be against Elle.
Maddox now falling for Magdalyn, Elle has to fight a new battle;
jealousy. Not to mention, Asher, the Vampire love of her life, is
still pushing for Elle to decide on her fate for eternity.
Elle let her own jealousy distract her? Will she fall victim to her
enemies? Find out in this thrilling novel; Everlight.

Areaux is a wife, mother, middle school teacher, and author. As an
avid reader and lover of all things literature, she followed her
dream of becoming a published author and has never looked back!
earned her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Kentucky and a
Master’s degree in Literacy from Asbury University.

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Hot Fun in the Summer Time Book Tour and Giveaway

Fun in the Summertime
Contemporary Romance Anthology

by Romance Books '4' Us

weather is heating up, but it’s not just the sun and the sand which
will keep you hot.

summer anthology (sweet to sizzling stories) brought to you by the
authors of Romance Books 4 Us will bring temperatures to your eReader
that will set unheard of heat records. Burn the tips of your fingers
while you turn the pages. 


is your ticket to…
Fun in the Summer Time.


Tell Me What You Want

by Tina Donahue’

wishes will leave him breathless…
Paranormal RomCom

Chance at Love

by Marianne Stephens

and Liz have a second chance to make their passionate, undeniable
attraction for each other grow hotter than the summer heat.
and Sensual Contemporary


by Cara Marsi

the hairpin turns of the Amalfi Coast, a sexy Italian man shows a
conventional American woman a colorful world of excitement and


by Tina Donahue

into virtue, he’s not.
On a
pleasure asteroid, he’ll show her what paradise really is.
SciFi RomCom

Up To Love

by Joanne Jaytanie
something to last a lifetime it must start with a strong foundation
and build upward.
Romantic Suspense

by Cindy Spencer Pape
When shy
scientist Karen Sikorski meets up with her college crush, Warner
Beckett, sparks fly, but she knows the handsome contractor would
never fall for a plain nerd like her. Warner, though, has other

Erotic Romance

to Feel

by Nicole Morgan

Brett walks into Tracy’s section at Platinum, she is faced with the
one love that she was never able to forget or get over.
Erotic Romance

Than Friends

(Friends to Lovers Book 1)

by Krista Ames

lust-filled night may prove more than they both expected.

at the Seams

by Deelylah Mullin

you feel each stitch in your life unraveling, sometimes it’s better
to give in than to be ripped at the seams.

Don't Cry

Janice Seagraves

Gwen’s empathic gift soften her future father-in-law’s heart?
Paranormal Romance

by Desiree Holt

men, one woman, and explosive heat.
Erotic Menage

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is an Amazon and international bestselling novelist who writes
romance for every taste – ‘heat with heart’ – for traditional
publishers and indie


writes paranormal and contemporary (sensual to HOT) romance and has
published some nonfiction stories.


award-winning and eclectic author, Cara Marsi is published in
romantic suspense, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance. She
loves a good love story, and believes that everyone deserves a second
chance at love. Sexy, sweet, thrilling, or magical, Cara’s stories
are first and foremost about the love. Treat yourself today, with a
taste of romance.


writes romantic suspense and paranormal. A transplant from upstate
New York, Joanne lives with her husband and Doberman, on the Olympic
Peninsula with a panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains. In her
prior life Joanne showed dogs and managed her husband’s forensic
engineering firm.

Spencer Pape

Spencer Pape firmly believes in happily-ever-after and brings that to
her writing. Multiple award-winning author of the best-selling
Gaslight Chronicles,
she has released over fifty novels and stories, which blend any or
all of the best of fantasy, adventure, science fiction, suspense,
history and romance. Cindy lives in
southern Michigan with her husband and several spoiled pets. When not
hard at work writing, she can be found restoring her 1870 house,
dressing up for steampunk parties and Renaissance fairs, or with her
nose buried in a book.


Morgan is an international and USA Today bestselling author who has
been writing since 2009 and is an author of erotic romance novels,
which more often than not have a suspenseful back story. Erotic
romance mixed with good old-fashioned whodunit.


is an international bestselling author of contemporary romances that
make you ‘fall in love with happy ever afters’.


is empty-nesting with her hubby, Mr. VampBard. When she’s not
reading or writing, she’s likely at the movies or finishing a home
improvement project.


Seagraves grew up with a deep love of science fiction and adventure
stories. Always the consummate artist, she traded in her paintbrush
for a desktop to write breathless life-affirming novels that
celebrate enduring love.


is an Amazon and USA Today best selling author who writes exciting
love stories at many heat levels. She has been called the Nora
Roberts of erotic romance.

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