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Thursday, October 21, 2021

All Is set Anew by Jim Cheney

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A fast-paced examination of loss, survival, and ultimately acceptance of those things we do not understand but must contend with as if our lives depend upon it.

From deep in the rural Tennessee woods, two brothers flee their murderous father only to find that a violent, supernatural force has followed their escape and will haunt their family for multiple generations.

All Is Set Anew is the story of abandonment and its subsequent revenge, set against a backdrop of characters imprisoned by poverty and self-doubt and their struggle to outrun the evil and illness that relentlessly pursues them.

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“You remember me?” Hicks said

“Goddamn right I remember,” Eli Stearns said.

Hicks hit him in the mouth. He felt teeth give against his fist and the man was instantly knocked from the stool, unable to break his fall as he dropped to the floor. He landed on his shoulder and then rolled over on his back, both his hands clutching his mouth. Blood was coming through his fingers and he was screaming and gargling, muffled by his palms. Hicks stepped back and kicked the man in the ribs. Then stepped back again and kicked him in the groin. The man curled and bellowed from his bloody mouth, his hands now holding his testicles. Hicks dropped to one knee and grabbed the man’s thinning hair and banged his head up and down on the floor, the sound a rhythmic thump, thump, thump on the wooden boards. Hicks stood and looked at his own hands, saw there was blood on them and leaned back down to wipe them clean on the front of the man’s shirt. Still bent over and out of habit, he went for his knife in his back pocket, but they had taken it from him when they arrested him. He stood again and was about to leave when he returned to the man on the floor and launched a kick into his side that forced an almost inaudible moan carried out on a thick spray of bloody breath. Hicks turned again and walked across the room to leave.

About the Author: Jim Cheney was raised in North Georgia and has written professionally for more than 25 years. He has been published in media outlets throughout the United States. This is his first novel. He lives in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife, two boys and three dogs.

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