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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Sister Witches Book Tour and Giveaway

Once Blessed, Thrice Cursed 
Sister Witches Book 1 
by Coralie Moss 
Genre: Urban Fantasy 

Brodeur must untangle her dead mother’s legacy before the
clock runs out.

name is Clementine and my magic is making me lose sleep.

two sisters and I have forty-eight hours to find someone our talented
mother could not. If we don’t succeed, someone will die. 

magic allows me to see memories the dead leave behind--which forces
me to relive the moment my mother was attacked by fae. 

must tell my sisters what I’ve seen, because I know what we need to
do. Except I’m afraid they’re done with my “leap now, look
later” escapades.

had my back for over twenty years. Why wouldn’t they have it now?

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Demon Lines 
Sister Witches Book 2 

Brodeur has found her fated mate, and is now pursued by a
three-faced killer.

wasn’t expecting to meet Laszlo Arkadi the same day I discovered my
family was built on secrets.

deceased mother? On the face of it, she was a matchmaker for witches
seeking love. Concealed from her daughters, she risked her life
freeing enslaved Magicals.

father? He wasn’t there for me. And since my mother’s death,
he’s been trying to join her on the other side.

for my oldest sister? I suspect she’s an assassin.

I’ve bonded with my ice demon, Prince Laszlo, he’s taking me to
the Reformed Realm to meet his parents. Turns out, there’s more to
meeting the Queen than simply learning to curtsy. 

just want to catch a break from family drama--mine and his. That
royal ball Laszlo and I are required to attend? The invited
guests think the prince is still single. The uninvited guests intend
to escape with the realm’s most vulnerable Magicals. 

have to follow my instincts. Only now I’m bound to another. Can
Laszlo and I merge our magics? Can we challenge a tyrant who
envisions a world with many of us in cages?

The Scarab Eater's Daughter 
Sister Witches Book 3 

Brodeur must avenge more than her parents’ deaths.
use my muscles more than my magic. I have to. My father learned the
hard way that magic can be sucked dry. He made certain I knew a good
right hook is priceless, and to keep my blades sharp.
dead now. My two sisters and I are talking again. But there’s so
much Clementine and Beryl don’t know about me--and there’s no
time for a girls’ night out.
three of us must go up against Lionel Vigne, the same fae who brought
down our parents. We know he’s hiding in the French Alps. He’s on
the cusp of forcefully breeding rare Magicals, the crime that got him
banished from fae lands.
want to complete my mother’s mission on my own. Do I blend the
metal in my blood with my blades and use brute force to end Lionel’s

if I truly am the Scarab Eater’s Daughter, do I put down my blades
and let my magic act as a lure?

Coralie Moss loves everyday heroines and complicated witches, layered magic and earthly moments, and will always believe in the power of love. Whether she’s writing Urban Fantasy or Contemporary Romance, her characters get her up in the morning and Assam tea keeps her going. She lives on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia with her HEA, their son, and two globe-trotting rescue cats. 

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