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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Tasmanian Special Forces Group Welcome To Hell Book Tour and Giveaway

Special Forces Group: Welcome to Hell
C.R. Daems

SciFi Military Action

was three when she found she was ugly and deformed.

was five when she found she was a sub-human and an outcast.
was seven when five boys and two girls dragged her out of the
orphanage and beat her unconscious, leaving her lying bleeding and
broken in the street.
was content to lie there and die, tired of being hated and abused.
But a frail old man with wispy white hair and a long beard wasn't
content to let her die. He not only saved her, but he adopted her and
passed on his unique martial art to her.
was twenty when she headed to Delphi, the center of the United
Systems of Perileos (USP) and the planet of her birth-father to find
her place in his society.
on her unique upbringing, she decides to join the USP military,
requesting to be assigned to the Tasmanians SFG, an elite all male
unit. The military brass is reluctant to deny her request and admit
their enlistment contract permits bait-and-switch assignments.
Instead, they agree to let her enter the school, thinking she
couldn't possibly succeed–a Chihuahua competing against
Rottweilers–and plan to make an example of her when she
Jolie is small, she is not what she appears. But can her adopted
father's art enable her to survive the treachery of the military
brass, the grueling of the school, the prejudices of the instructors,
and the testosterone of an all-male class?
if she succeeds, can she thrive in the high-octane and all male
environment of the Tasmanians?

Daems is a native of Chicago, Illinois and a graduate of the
University of Arizona. He served twenty-two years in the US Air
Force. Since then, he has worked as a software engineer, course
developer, and adjunct professor, teaching mathematics and Computer

He has always been an avid reader of Science
Fiction/Fantasy but never had an interest in writing or being an
author. So, it was surprising when he began his first novel, several
years after his retirement, at age seventy. His first novel,
co-authored with Jeanne Tomlin, "The Talon of the Raptor
Clan"--recently reissued as the "Talon of the Unnamed
Goddess"--was a 2010 EPPIE finalist in Fiction/Fantasy.

is an award winning author and an active member of the Science
Fiction Writers of America.

His hobby--a life-long one--has
been Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Clem is currently retired and living in
Tucson, Arizona.

He would enjoy hearing from you at on any topic: his books, the characters, writing
with a co-author, Kung Fu, his website
(, life after
retirement, or...

the tour HERE
for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!

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