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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

The Demons of Chiyoda Virtual Book Tour

Nora Simeon hates demons.

Mirror World Publishing and Sapphyria's Book Promotions present the 1-week book tour for The Demons of Chiyoda (Nora Simeon Investigations #3) by Laurence Raphael Brothers.

About The Demons of Chiyoda:

Occult private eye, Nora Simeon, and Eyre, her uncannily pretty boyfriend, are on another case on behalf of the Commission, the secret organization that controls financial sorcery in the Americas. This time they're hunting down an investment-bank sorcerer who cracked when passed over for promotion and used a summoned demon to commit murder. Finding the murderer is easy, but he's already dead, assassinated in a locked room.

The case's ramifications quickly reach far beyond New York. From a murder scene in Queens, Nora and Eyre discover a tangled web of international corruption and sorcery linking crimes in Japan and the US. Traveling to Tokyo at the behest of the mysterious Onmyōdō Group, they run afoul of the even more deadly Ministry of Shadows. In the rural reaches of Fukushima province, Nora and Eyre discover a fateful secret that could shake the foundations of financial sorcery all around the world and come up against an old enemy whose malice poses a greater danger than any they've faced before.

Book Information:

Publisher: ‎ Mirror World Publishing; 1st edition (March 17, 2022)
Publication Date: ‎ March 17, 2022
Print Length: ‎ 199 pages

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Read an Excerpt:

We got out of the apartment building with no problems and walked together from the pleasant tree-lined residential neighborhood through the bustling commercial heart of Flushing to pick up the #7 Express at the Main Street subway station. Since it was mid-afternoon, the train was almost empty for most of the ride to Manhattan. I could tell Eyre was unhappy, way more than I was, which made me unhappy too and anxious to boot. I mean, okay, the grief-stricken demon felt it better to kill themself than to be banished back to their home plane. That was a legitimate tragedy. But the poor thing had murdered three people on orders, and there was no way they could go unpunished. Also they’d forced Eyre to kill them, and that pissed me off because he hated violence despite being so good at it. But I was pretty sure something more than that was affecting him, something I was too stupid to see.

And yet I hesitated to ask him. Because of course he’d tell me, and suppose it was something to do with me? Oh yeah, that was it, flash of insight, and not a particularly deep one, either. Our job was to hunt down rogue sorcerers and demons who’d broken Commission rules on the use of sorcery in the financial industry. Summoning a demon without permission for personal use was a pretty big violation, as was sending one on a private assassination mission. But the Commission didn’t care about enforcing ordinary laws, and they didn’t care about ethics or morals either. If Carson had murdered his fellow VPs by strangling them, it would have been none of our business. What it came down to was Eyre and I were acting as agents of the Commission, and the Commission weren’t good guys. Not as a group for sure, and mostly not as individuals either. Eyre, being a kinder, gentler person than me by far, and having a stronger sense of justice, naturally hated the Commission even more than I did. It followed that he hated our work too, and so every job I took him on made things worse.

We were riding the elevated rails past Junction Boulevard on the way to Jackson Heights when I turned to Eyre, opened my mouth, and he said, “I don’t want you to quit your job. And I want to keep on being your assistant.”

“What? How—”

“I heard this guy named C. Auguste Dupin was good at deducing what people were thinking, so I thought I’d give it a try.”

“Seriously, Eyre.”

“Honest, it was a cold reading. See, I was kind of...depressed, okay? Thinking about what just happened and what we could have done to stop it happening, which wasn’t much. And then I was thinking about how you might think I reacted to it, and I didn’t like what I thought you were thinking. So I decided to give the Dupin thing a shot. Because you were pretty obviously lost in contemplation for a while, yourself.”

“Still seems kind of magical to me.”

“I wish there was a spell for it, mind reading, but I meant what I said. It’s a dirty job, but it gives us access. If that Perah had been less desperate, we might have been able to help them out somehow. Like we helped Refeshiel and Barbatos and Martha, too.”

“Yeah. That makes me feel a little better. Thanks. I guess I should text Martha. Nothing more for us to do on this case except write it up, so we’ll be home for dinner.”

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Meet the Author:

Laurence Raphael Brothers is a writer and a technologist. He has published over 25 short stories in such magazines as Nature, the New Haven Review, PodCastle, and Galaxy's Edge. His WWI-era historical fantasy novel Twilight Patrol was just released by Alban Lake. For more of his stories, visit, or follow him on twitter: @lbrothers.

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