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Friday, January 7, 2022

Light's Insurgent by Ariel Paiement


Title: Light's Insurgent: A YA Fantasy Dystopian Novel 

(Children of Chaos Book 2)

Series: Children of Chaos

Author: Ariel Paiement

Genre: YA

Buy Link:

Release Date: January 1, 2022


A coalition formed to end a powerful cabal. One girl who escaped that cabal. But will she prove the key to the coalition’s victory or will she be the fatal flaw in their plan?

Gwen left everything behind to escape Oblivion and to join the Coalition’s army. She’s determined to help them put an end to the cabal’s reign of terror. When information from the enemy leads her to the discovery that her past holds secrets that link her to Oblivion, she must unravel the truth before the secrets from the past prove her undoing. Can she pierce the shadows shrouding the connection before Oblivion weaponizes it to destroy her?

Sheppard let her go to save her life. He stayed behind to protect her whereabouts from Oblivion. Now his world has become a vortex of lies and subterfuge. He never wanted a part in this fight, but for her sake and his own, he will fight it anyway. To keep the search headed the wrong way, he is forced to work with the Coalition spy who cost him the first woman he loved. Everything is riding on their success. He can trust no one. Will he and his unlikely allies succeed in bringing Oblivion to its knees?

Light’s Insurgent is the intricate sequel to Ariel Paiement’s Shadow’s Dissident from her duology in the Children of Chaos multi-author series. Fans of romance, intrigue, and secret organizations will love Ariel Paiement’s high-stakes fantasy adventure.

Buy Light’s Insurgent today to unravel the secrets lurking behind the tangled web of lies.

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Ariel Paiement is a speculative fiction author. She writes a variety of fiction pieces and other works. As a reader, she enjoys lots of styles and genres, though fantasy and science fiction are her favorites.

Her favorite pastime is indulging in wild flights of imagination for new fiction pieces and other works. If asked what she spends most of her time doing, she'd tell you that she spends most of it working either and writing. Life gets to be hectic, but she enjoys her part-time teaching and editing work as well as writing whenever she has a spare moment.

She is the author of several short fiction pieces and other works, including On The Narrow Way and Rith's Disciple (both of which are published in Port and Key's anthologies), In Darkness Lost, and the first of the Legends of Alcardia series. Her newest novel, On Twilight's Wings, is a YA fantasy novel and the first in a YA Christian fantasy series with the second one, On Anarchy's Wings, releasing in the beginning of 2021. In July of 2020, another short story, Leap of Faith, will be out. This short story will be available in the anthology Glimpses of Time and Magic.

You can find Ariel on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest as well as via email at She's pretty open to connecting with readers and other writers too! Reach out if you want to chat. Just be sure you introduce yourself. She deletes requests that seem weird or creepy. Saying something more than just hi would be nice.

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