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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

All That and Moore Series Book Tour and Giveaway

Am Moore
That & Moore Book 1
Celeste Granger

African American Contemporary Romance

Moore moved away from home after finishing her juris doctorate. She
was a successful corporate attorney and had been living in Washington
D. C. for the past five years. It wasn’t often that she returned
home to Atlanta, but the love of her family drew her back. Emery had
success in so many facets of her life, but she hadn’t been as lucky
in love. The word love was unsettling for Emery; it was loaded with
notions of submissiveness and sacrifice, the loss of self and being
dependent on another person. Notions Emery wasn’t sure she wanted.
Yet, there was someone Emery couldn’t shake her soul loose of and
she tussled with her heart and the sensible tug in her mind

Evan Stanton Esq. had been an integral part of Emery
Moore’s life for the past six months. He like she, was an attorney.
During the day, the attorneys at law litigated from different sides
of the aisle; fighting with everything they had for their clients.
But for the past few months, business was left at the door, and the
fighting ended as Evan and Emery delved into uncharted territory.
Evan loved how Emery felt in his arms. The curve of her hips, the
arch in her back made it difficult to keep his hands off her. It
wasn’t always like this. Emery had to be pursued, and although Evan
was attracted to her unapologetic disposition in the courtroom, along
with her sophisticated air, Emery was a challenge; one that Evan
planned to take on full steam ahead.

This book can be read as
a standalone. It is interconnected to the All That & Moore series

Me Moore
That & Moore Book 2 

family. Eight sisters, tangled in romance. Kennedy Moore, the second
Moore sister, is the glue that holds the sisterhood together. While
Emery, the oldest sister, was away in Washington DC, it was Kennedy
that her younger sisters leaned on. A master chef in her own right,
Kennedy spends most of her time in the background, pouring her
passion into the culinary delicacies she creates for her clientele.
Being in the kitchen has left little time for Kennedy to find love,
outside of the love she has for culinary arts.

Bryce Monroe is the
owner and head chef of Taste, a world-renowned, four-star restaurant
in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Much like Kennedy, Bryce spends his
days and nights in the kitchen, masterfully creating delectable
dishes that keep his clientele coming back for more. Bryce is a
multimillionaire who has everything he’s always wanted except
someone special to share it with.
An unintentional brush with
Bryce Monroe reminds Kennedy that there is more to life than cooking
and taking care of her sisters. The two have so much in common, and
the chemistry they mutually felt shakes both their foundations. Bryce
is captivated by Kennedy and realizes she is what he’s been
missing. Yet, Kennedy shies away, unsure whether there’s room for
something more in the world she’s created for herself. Will Kennedy
let down her guard and allow love in? Will Bryce push past her
resistance and pursue the love of his life? Find out in Teach Me
Moore: Book 2 in the All That & Moore Series.
Each book in the
series is a full novel and can be read as a standalone.

That & Moore Book 3 

family. Eight sisters, tangled in romance. Daphne Moore, third eldest
sister of the Moore girls has had tremendous success in her
professional life. As the Founder and Head Mistress of Moore Academy
for Girls, Daphne taught her girls to be smart, self-reliant and
confident. Yet, with all the success in her career, Daphne struggled
when it came to matters of the heart. Daphne spent three years of her
life loving a man who didn’t show the same kind of faithful,
unwavering love. The wounds Stephen left were deep, and Daphne wasn’t
sure she’d ever recover. Nicholas St. John, preeminent real estate
developer and multimillionaire, was much like Daphne, successful
professionally. However, unlike Daphne, there wasn’t an unfaithful
lover to taint Nicholas’ view on love, Nicholas simply never made
time for it. But an accidental encounter between the two would change
the trajectory of both their lives.

Much Moore
That & Moore Book 4 

family. Eight sisters, tangled in romance. Felicity Moore, an actuary
and entrepreneur, deals with facts and numbers as the foundation of
her business. Her hard work and nurturing dedication is what makes
her a leader in the industry. It’s the one thing that her world
revolves around on a daily basis, and because of it, there had been
no time for love or no place for a relationship in Felicity’s

It is the sole reason why when Garrett Thompson enters her
life, Felicity doesn’t take him seriously. Especially with him
being a trust fund baby. He’s never had to work to earn a living.
Although Garrett does dabble in philanthropic endeavors, he spends
much of his time living in the lap of luxury; doing the things he
wants to and nothing that he doesn’t have to. Garrett lives by
choice, and any relationship he’s had in the past has been an
accessory to his lifestyle not a primary focus. With Garrett living
life on his own terms, what if anything do they have in
Despite Felicity being dismissive of him, Garrett intends
to prove just how serious he can be.

That & Moore Book 5 

He was
her best friend. She was the girl of his dreams.

Charity Moore
is on the cusp of becoming the neurosurgeon she has always dreamed of
becoming. As a student physician for world renowned Emory University
Hospital, Charity demonstrates her intellectual prowess in the
classroom and in the operating room. Charity has been plotting her
course of becoming a surgeon for as long as she can remember. She
plays by the rules, colors within the lines and does what is
necessary to make her dreams come true.

O’Shea Ali, is also
a student physician at Emory Hospital. As the son of international
industry giants, financial security has never been an issue. For
O’Shea, becoming a neurosurgeon isn’t about prestige or financial
gain. His desire stems from O’Shea’s passion to charter new
medical territory and save lives. O’Shea lives his life
passionately without restriction. He fights for what he believes in
and is a fierce protector of the one’s he loves. That includes

But emerging desire crosses the friendship line,
catapulting Charity and O’Shea out of the friendship zone and into
dangerous territory. Charity fears their new entanglement is risky
and may cost her the very relationship she treasures most. While
O’Shea’s unbridled yearnings for Charity become harder to
contain, he doesn’t want to lose what they have in pursuit of what
he craves.

The All That and Moore series follows each sister
in the Moore family as they navigate through the entanglements
romance brings. Each book can be enjoyed if read as a standalone or
if it’s read in the order of the series

Me Moore
That & Moore Book 6 

therapist, Aubrey Moore, is growing her private practice, heavily
courted by coaches from every major sport as she continues to become
a household name. Focusing exclusively on her business, Aubrey has
made little time for matters of the heart until retail store mogul
and multimillionaire, Brett Quinn catches her eye during a charity
basketball game. No one woman has captivated Brett’s heart but that
fleeting encounter ignited a spark, and when they meet again, the
seed of attraction that captivated them before blooms, leaving them
both to wonder if their reunion could be their second chance.

All That and Moore series follows each sister in the Moore family as
they navigate through the entanglements romance brings. Each book can
be enjoyed if read as a standalone or if it’s read in the order of
the series

Than Enough
That & Moore Book 7 

As an
international attaché to a Sudanese Diplomat, Ivory Moore is
constantly surrounded by very important people, making international
exchange seem easy with her mastery of multiple languages and
business accouterment. Between her job and her loving family, Ivory’s
life is full. VIP’S don’t impress her. It takes more than that to
gain Ivory’s attention. Or so she thought until a chance encounter
with a blast from the past shakes her foundation at the very

Roman West was that disruption, rocking Ivory on her
heels. A visit to the Sudanese Embassy brought Ivory Moore back into
his life. Seeing her again reawakened feelings he thought were lost
for good. Although their encounter seemed to have been by
happenstance, Roman believed in destiny, and he refused to lose Ivory
again. But Roman was a man with secrets; secrets that could ruin what
he hoped would be their future and certainly devastate their past.

Cherie a'Moore
That & Moore Book 8 

was somewhat of a free spirit, yet, she felt rightly guided to

Trinity Moore, burgeoning entrepreneur and youngest of
the Moore sisters, does what she will. Whether business or pleasure,
Trinity does it on her own terms, unapologetically.

But he
touched her in a way Trinity couldn’t deny; assuaging unknown pains
and awakening a transcendental energy that spoke to her soul. She
realized she wanted more of that touch. Esau Knight was right there
to fulfill her every desire.

All books in the All That &
Moore series are standalone connected in a series with HEA’s.

Today Bestselling Author and lover of Love. It is a many splendid
thing, isn’t it? Yet, it’s not a straight path from one heart to
another. Most often, love is a tangled mess that challenges our
thoughts, beliefs, and challenges us to prove over and over that we
are more than enamored with an individual. Love is a tangled
conglomeration of what the mind thinks, what the soul feels, and what
the heart knows. And I write about it...

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