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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Stay with Me by Erin Trejo New Release

❥☆(¸.•´ 💙NEW RELEASE•´ 💙

Title: Stay with Me (Alder Academy Book 2)
Author: Erin Trejo
Genre: Dark College Enemies to Lovers
Release Date: 11th April 2020


Every single time I saw her, I wanted to hate her. 

I wanted to make her pay for leaving me. 
And I did. I made sure that she was embarrassed and uncomfortable. 
Until her secrets came out. Now all I want to do is protect her. 
She was mine once. Can she be mine again?
Or are we all fighting a past we can't get away from?

“You fucked up everything. Everything!” I roar as I stand in his room. I can’t believe he’s gone. I can’t believe we killed him. It was always going to happen but now? Now I want answers from a man that can’t give them.
“You were a selfish bastard. Always caring more about you than anyone else.” My words are slurred but I don’t care. I need to say them. I need him to hear them in the depths of hell.
“Oh shit! Are you a ghost? Ghost dad?” I laugh to myself when the light on the table flips on. I blink my eyes against the harsh light when I see her. Long blonde hair hanging around her perfectly heart-shaped face.
“Are you okay?” she asks.
“Are you sleeping with ghost dad?” I ask not really understanding what I’m saying.
“What? What are you talking about?” She throws the blankets back and climbs out of the bed, her long legs bare and exposed.
“You are sleeping with ghost dad!” Anger mixes with the alcohol in my veins as I think about it. How could she?
“How much did you drink, Callan?” she asks coming toward me.
“Not enough, apparently.”
“Your dad is dead, Cal.”
“Yeah, no shit. Who do you think killed him?” She gasps and I know I fucked up.
“What the hell is the screaming about?” Knox’s voice filters through the room. I turn my head to look at him and then smile.
“She’s fucking ghost dad,” I slur.
“You’re an idiot. A drunk idiot.” That came from Knox. Shane giggles when my eyes move back to find her. I let my gaze slip over her tone body. From her bare legs to one of Whisper’s t-shirts.

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