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Monday, April 13, 2020

A Wolf's Treasure Book Tour and Giveaway

Wolf's Treasure
Kinkaid Werewolves Book 5
L.E. Wilson
Adult Paranormal Romance

the treasure he never thought he'd find…

Duncan Kincaid enjoys dancing. Country dancing to be precise. After
all, the lasses love nothing more than a man who can swing them
around a dance floor. And that's the other thing Duncan loves- the
lasses. A wink and a smile is all it takes to have a partner for the
night, until a Faerie with dark curls and brazen curves throws him
off his game and shakes him to his core.

a danger to her life, and a risk she's willing to take.

his I-know-what-you-look-like-naked green eyes, sexy brogue, and
cocky grin, Duncan is the type of wolf Ryanne wouldn't normally waste
her time with for more than a night. But underneath the playful
exterior, she senses a haunting sadness, one that calls to her own
dark soul and distracts her from her purpose.

murder will just have to wait.

Wilson writes Paranormal Romance starring intense alpha males and the
women who are fearless enough to tame them—for the most part
anyway. ;) In her novels you'll find smoking hot scenes, a touch of
suspense, a bit of gore, and multifaceted characters, all working
together to combine her lifelong obsession with the paranormal and
her love of romance.

writing career came about the usual way: on a dare from her loving
husband. Little did they know just one casual suggestion would open a
box of worms (or words as the case may be) that would forever change
their lives.

and music are a necessary part of her writing process, and sometimes
you'll find her typing away at her favorite Starbucks. She walks two
miles to get there, to make up for all of those coffees.

the tour HERE
for special content and a giveaway!
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