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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Amber Hollow Review

Amber Hollow
Edgar Swamp
Rating: 4
Steam: 1

Amber Hollow is an isolated village in Northern Wisconsin. A tragedy happens on July 14, 1991.
The village consisted of 600 people out of which 5 people survived. The survivors stories
contradict one another with only one thing in common the name, Anthony Guntram. The survivors
allege Anthony Guntram is the sole suspect who is presumably dead. The police have no way
of verifying. As the police investigate, the mystery deepens and they are no close to
solving the case. What are the villagers hiding? What is the secret of Amber Hollow.

Amber Hollow is the story of an isolated village that suffers a terrible tragedy The village
holds some very deep and dark secrets that will shock and surprise the reader. This is a very
suspenseful, mysterious and creepy horror story. There are alot of twists and turns that will surprise
the reader. Amber Hollow is filled with alot of action and some mysterious creatures and characters.
This village is one you will wish you never entered. The reader will love Edgar Swamp's writing and
imagination. This story is not the normal horror books out there. The story was unique and different.
It was very well written and was a page turner. The ending was very disappointing and leaves the reader
wanting more. Amber Hollow's ending felt like the story wasn't finished and the story was missing
something that would have completed the story. It ended too soon. It is definitely a great read for
horror fans out there.

Victoria Zumbrum

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