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Friday, July 12, 2019

MC Sexy Book Tour and Giveaway

Sianah Nalika DeShield

Contemporary Romance 

Name: Michael
Abeiku Frimpong Aka Mike Frimpong
Age: 27
Nationality: Ghanaian
 $250 million United
States Dollars.
 Yale University Graduate,
MBA. Masters of Business Administration BBA. Bachelors of Business
Administration. Millionaire at age twenty-one, CEO of Frimpong
Insurance Corp. Voted number one most eligible bachelor by the women
of Ghana for five consecutive years. Grand Master of the female
orgasm, and serial playboy until his manhood was questioned, leaving
him no choice but to accept the wager of getting a woman pregnant or
pay $200,000 USD. Well, it’s on!

Name: Lilian
Akosua Annah Aka Lily Annah
Age: 24
Nationality: Ghanaian
The last time she
checked, there were 300 Ghana cedis, the equivalent of $60.00 USD in
her account.
 Shy, nerdy, insecure, and
likes to think she is an average woman since she seems invisible to
men and the last time she had a boyfriend was three years ago, but is
she really that average? University of Cape Coast Ph.D. Candidate,
Educational Psychology, Masters of Philosophy, Educational
Psychology, M.Phil. University of Ghana, Legon, Bachelor of Arts,
English BA, author of 
, the newest children’s book
set for the next academic year curriculum for the students in Ghana,
beautiful dark skin, perfect hips, tiny waist, a good pair of perky
tits, eyes that are absolutely beautiful, adorable, and innocent,
they could make you do anything she wants, a voice that is so
hypnotic it would make you go wild and submit to her, and a brain
that is so sharp that it makes Mike Frimpong’s four-point zero
grade point average at Yale seem less achievable.

visit to her book launch leaves the playboy’s heart pumping and
manhood twitching, not just from thinking of claiming her, but also
making her the perfect woman to carry his child. Oops… she’s off
limits and could cost him everything.

the playboy bold enough to chase her, risking everything he’s
worked for in the process, or is he willing to let the one woman who
stops his heartbeat for the first time walk out of his life?

Nalika DeShield is a Liberian who left a career in politics to write
steamy African Inspired Romance Novels that leave not only her
readers spellbound and in awe with an intense emotional connection
with the realness of her books, but it also gives a positive picture
of the Africa she knows and loves. You can find her in the lovely
city of Minneapolis living her urban life while giving us
make-believe of happily ever after.

the tour HERE
for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!

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  1. Great cover and excerpt! This sounds like a really good read.