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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Devon Drake Cornerback by Jean C. Joachim


TITLE – Devon Drake - Cornerback
SERIES – First & Ten Series
AUTHOR – Jean Joachim
GENRE – Sports Romance, Contemporar
y Romance


Devon Drake, star cornerback, has it all: hot super
model girlfriend and pro football career,
or does he? A childhood friend wanders back into hi
s life, upsetting his ideal existence. Is it
finally time to tell her the truth about what happe
ned fifteen years ago?
Stormy Gregory is on the run from an abusive man. H
er best friend offers her a safe place at
the shelter for abused women and children. Grateful
to be out of harm’s way, Stormy helps
with a charitable event, not expecting to run into
Devon Drake, her friend’s brother. Will
she run again rather than face rejection?
Cracks in his perfect world threaten the cornerback
’s starting lineup status. An unwelcome
surprise short-circuits Stormy’s attempt to build a
new life. Can they pull together or will
the secret that separates the former friends keep t
hem on a downward spiral?


Devon plopped down on the couch and rubbed his neck
, attempting to ease the tension in
the muscles. The Kings had fought like wild men to
reach this point in their quest to capture
the Super Bowl for the second year in a row. Coach
Bass, usually relaxed around the team,
had been increasingly moody and tense as the day of
the big game drew near.
The footballer chuckled to himself. Coach was getti
ng married after the season ended.
Maybe that’s making him nervous. Jo Parker,
Coach Bass’s fiancée, was one
beautiful woman. He got goofy around her sometimes,
making the team snicker and tease.
The cornerback’s thoughts turned to his girlfriend.
Why don’t I behave like that around


Devon Drake - Devon Drake spent his childhoo
d running, playing and hanging
with his little sister, Samantha, and her friend, S
tormy. When he hit junior high, football
became his passion and he moved on from his young,
adoring female friends.
With hard work and determination, Devon became a st
ar. Always the fastest runner on any
team, he chose to become a cornerback. His huge hig
h school success led to an offer, after
college, from the pro team, the St. Louis Sidewinde
In St. Louis, he earned the reputation as a “shut d
own cornerback” – the guy who could out
run, out-perform any wide receiver.
He opted to join The Connecticut Kings. At a charit
y event, he met Jackie Lawrence, a super
model. They dated, much to Devon’s surprise. A humb
le young man, he never quite saw
what she saw in him. But super models don’t achieve
success hanging on the arm of
attractive football players. So Devon had to conten
t himself with a long distance

Fifteen years after his last encounter with Stormy
Gregory, they meet again. Devon knows
his behavior to her at their last meeting had been
atrocious. Maybe now he could make
His former childhood friend had turned into a beaut
iful young woman who was fleeing an
abusive man. Devon’s heart was touched. Could he ma
ke it up to her for the bad way he had
behaved? Devon Drake discovers that old feelings do
n’t die. Can he convince Stormy he’s
sincere? And what about Jackie? Read Devon Drake, C
ornerback, book 4 in the First &
Ten series and find out. 



Jean Joachim is a best-selling romance fiction auth
or, with books hitting the Amazon Top
100 list since 2012. The Renovated Heart won Best N
ovel of the Year from Love Romances
Café. Lovers & Liars was a RomCon finalist in 2
013. And The Marriage List tied for
third place as Best Contemporary Romance from the G
ulf Coast RWA. She was chosen
Author of the Year in 2012 by the New York City cha
pter of Romance Writers of
Married and the mother of two sons, Jean lives in N
ew York City. Early in the morning,
you’ll find her at her computer, writing, with a cu
p of tea, her rescued put, Homer, by her
side and a secret stash of black licorice.



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