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Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Kristian Clark Saga Book Tour and Giveaway

Bachelor Missions
Clark and the Agency Trap Series Book 1
Jes Drew

Speculative Thriller, Espionage Romance 

good-guys, the bad-guys, and the wild card- it's the ultimate game of
cloak and dagger...

Kristian Clark, private eye, thought his days
as a special agent were behind him, but when he's drafted into
action, he finds himself reunited with his old team- and painful
memories of why they broke up in the first place. But as he plunges
into mission after mission- from a 'holy heist' to babysitting a
young hacker to going undercover in a cult- Kristian find that
everything he tried to leave behind is coming back to haunt him with
a vengeance, and then some. First there's the mysterious woman who
knows more about Kristian- and his past- than makes sense while using
science fiction weapons that don't make sense period. Then there are
the shady powers-that-be who are responsible for drafting him back
into this world to satisfy their own nefarious agendas. It's all
Kristian can do to keep from being pulled into their games as he
tries to figure out who to trust and what to fight for, even as the
trap put in place to destroy him is set with a ticking clock.
did espionage get so complicated?

June 11th – 15th!!**

the Rogue
Clark and the Agency Trap Series Book 2

classic game of cat and mouse- but who's the cat and who's the

Kristian Clark is still reeling from his accidental
marriage to his rookie, Susan Deanna, when NEO anarchists attack
their agency and they have to go on the run with his- their?- two
adopted children. But the NEOs aren't the only ones who are after
them- the strange agency that seems straight from the pages of a
science fiction novel is hot on their tails. But are they going after
Kristian? Or Susan? Or both?

But as they work to stay one step
ahead of their pursers, secrets begin to come to light about their
enemies, their friends, and even each other. Things are in play that
are beyond any of their understanding or attempts to control. Even if
all reality seems to be a fabrication, will Kristian be able to face
his calling? What if everything you knew was a lie?

Clark and the Agency Trap Series Book 2.5

tell you I love you... But then you'd make me change the baby's

Kristian Clark can go undercover for months on end,
combat multiple enemies at once, and even teleport through
dimensions. He should be ready for everything. But having a newborn
child... is a little outside his skill set.

And the universe
isn't ready for little Shannon either. The tentative layers of the
universe begins to peel apart and his adopted son gets pulled through
a portal in the hospital.

Along with an angry wife and
reunited best friend, Kristian travels the dimensions to find his son
and somehow find a way to save reality without giving up his little

Also includes seven other stories.

All profit
goes to charity.

Adam and Eve
Clark and the American Agenda Book 1

not of other worlds...

They call him agent and he answers.
They tell him conquer and he does. But there's something they don't
know. He's beginning to remember. His name is Kristian Clark. He has
a wife and four children. Or he did. But he will find them again,
whoever is left, wherever they are, and whatever it takes.

call her the Aisling. She does their missions only as far as it helps
her accomplish her own: to find and rescue the children of a fallen
woman. And she will not let anyone get in her way- most certainly not
the brainwashed father who has for so long been an unthinking weapon
for the government. To save the innocents, she will not hesitate to
do whatever it takes- no matter how much it condemns her.

are the root of a conspiracy that would bring two worlds together,
for good or for evil, for better or for worse, for life or for death.
Their choices shall echo throughout all eternity.

Praise for Agents Adam and Eve:

"Agents Adam and Eve is
the kind of book you can't put down, the kind that has you laughing
and crying. Jes Drew successfully keeps you turning the page and
renders you longing for more when the last page has been
turned."~Karsyn Shae, Creative Writer

Clark is back in an all-new duology after the birth of his twins. Are
he and his wife finally able to enter parenthood safely without the
threat of anarchist groups, or will Kristian have to sacrifice
everything to save those he loves?"~Allyson Kennedy, author of
Speak Your Mind

“I love the story! It felt so real and very
intense! I felt like I was in the story with the
-Shine, author and blogger of

Drew is the author of the Ninja and Hunter trilogy, the Howling
Twenty trilogy, the Kristian Clark saga, and the Castaways trilogy.
She lives with her mom, dad, younger sister, four younger brothers,
and two dogs, obsessing about her true love, Captain Steve Rogers.
There is a possibility that she may or may not be a superhuman, but
she hasn't discovered her powers. Yet. Also, she might be a spy, but
that's classified.

the tour HERE
for exclusive content and a giveaway!

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