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Friday, September 22, 2017

Posey Park's Relentless Chase 2 Blog Tour

Embarking on their love in secret was the plan but their multiple secrets rocked their new relationship. Devastated to learn Sebastian used her as a pawn to lure a terrorist, Sydney ran.

Despite his anger with Sydney for leaving, Sebastian used his hacking abilities to locate Sydney in L.A.  He was determined. He would not rest until she was back in his arms. 

After being out of Sebastian’s presence for some time, Sydney’s broken heart affirmed how deeply in love she was with Sebastian. 

Sydney is faced with tough questions from his family about her love for Sebastian. 

Will their relationship survive their differences or will their differences tear them apart forever?


Successful attorney Sydney Chambers and her affluent sports agent boyfriend Jonathan Myers are a hot couple! From the outside looking in, they appear to have it all. 

However, they have a problem...She wants a family and he doesn't. 

When Sydney accidentally bumps into the mysterious and sexy software tycoon Sebastian Johansen, she suddenly realizes her dream of a family may become possible but at what cost? 

Can Sebastian help Sydney defy the odds and become a couple? 

Or will her parents disapproval of interracial relationships weigh on her conscious and cause her to miss out on real love?


Shantee' A. Parks now
Posey Parks, owner of Posey Parks Publishing and Best-Selling author of the
BWWM, interracial, Billionaire alpha romance suspense Not Giving Up two book
series, Samantha Posey Love three book series, (Love Unfolded, Love Reveals and
Love Conquers) historical romance standalone The Set Dilemma and the
romantic-suspense Relentless Chase. She will always give an unexpected

She's from Detroit, Michigan living in Atlanta, Georgia. Received her Bachelor’s
degree from University of Detroit Mercy concentration in Business Management.
Shantee' went on to obtain her Master’s degree from Central Michigan
University. She also studied abroad at Oxford University in Oxford, England.
Traveling is her other passion. She has visited London and Paris and would love
to someday travel to Italy.

She's been writing since high school. When not taking care of her family she is
reading and writing "HOT &STEAMY" romance stories.

A happily ever after (HEA) is always important to her. She needs it as much as
her readers do. Sometimes she can leave a cliff hanger but she always gives an
HEA at the end of either a standalone or series! 

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