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Friday, February 13, 2015

Life Shocks Romances Novella Collection by Jade Kerrion

Title: Life Shocks Romances Novella Collection
Author: Jade Kerrion
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: February 13, 2015


Savor all four novellas in the
Life Shocks Romances Collection. With 90+ reviews and an average of 4.6 stars,
you'll find an enchanting story for every occasion:

the perfect blend of heartache, humor, heat, and happiness."

Recently divorced, Dr. Vera Rios
is too busy navigating the potholes of single parenthood to look for Mr. Right,
but along comes a man who cherishes her, adores her daughter, and helps her
find her sexy groove. The only problem: Mr. Perfect is an escort.

Rowan Forrester conceals many
other secrets, one of which threatens the happiness he finds with Vera. Can
love find a way or will Vera have to choose between her beloved daughter and
the man of her dreams?

"BETRAYED…is sweet
and sexy with a little bit of danger thrown in to keep you on your toes."

Marguerite Ferrara wows audiences
on the haute couture catwalks of Milan, Paris, and New York, but whenever she’s
face-to-face with Drew Jackson, she feels like a gawky thirteen-year-old, in
love with a superstar who will never see her as more than his younger brother’s

Drew’s superstar days are long
over. A car accident shattered his knee, destroyed his football career, and
crushed his hopes of winning Maggie’s love. How can he, a desk-bound financial
advisor, compete against the celebrities Maggie whirls through one-night stands
or Tyler Lamarck, the social media maverick who sweeps the woman Drew loves off
her feet?

"CRUSHED…is sweet with a dash
of sexy and a whole lot of couldn't-put-it-down-until-I-finished."

Cody Hart, the daredevil black
sheep of the esteemed Hartwell clan, should never have made it to his
twenty-fifth birthday. What he hadn’t counted on, though, was his best friend
dying instead of him.

Emotionally devastated and
financially ruined by the death of her brother, Felicity Rivers is down to her
last hundred dollars when Cody offers his help, at a price. She’s out of
options, but nothing on earth could possibly entice her into the arms of the man
who killed her brother.

"DESIRED…is messy, infuriating,
passionate and heart-wrenching, but it is truly all worth it in the

At seventeen, Gabriel Cruz and
Valeria Trevino exchanged promise rings and agreed on the grand plan for their
life, including marriage, children, and a happily-ever-after. Twenty years
later, “The Plan” is on track, and a key milestone—Gabriel’s partnership in a
law firm—is within grasp, but Valeria derails their shared lives by demanding a
can’t explain her decision, but she is compelled by a desperate need for
something more than they had agreed upon. What can they do when the
foundation of their grand plan crumbles beneath them?

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Author Bio

Kerrion writes at 3 a.m. when her husband and three sons are asleep. Her
award-winning, best-selling science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance
novels aspire to make her readers as sleep-deprived as she is.

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