Hi everyone My name is Victoria Zumbrum, 40 years old, married 14 years with 1 son. This is my very first blog. So bear with me. I have always wanted to have my own blog. I have always loved to read. I enjoy getting lost in a good book.
I love becoming part of the story and characters. I am hoping to bring my love of books to my readers.

I love reading different genres such as paranormal, young adult, romance, romantic suspense, mystery, Christian fiction, some horror, etc. The list goes on. I started reviewing books a couple of years ago and have done reviews for different blogs and even some authors. I really have enjoyed reviewing books and I will continue to do so. If anyone is interested in me reviewing a book for them, please contact me. I still have a lot to learn regarding my own blog so bear with me. I welcome and appreciate all followers.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Audio Books Giveaway

Audio Books on the Rise! Angela Ford is
giving away 4 Audio Books!

Enter below for
your chance to WIN!

Audio books have
been around for a long time but they’ve become more widely available,
affordable and convenient.

Available - More authors are making their books available in audio
these days. Public libraries carry collections of books on CD. Audio services
such as, lit2go, iTunes and others have a wide selection of books
to download. Avid readers can increase exposure to new and exciting books
through audio.

Affordable – Many audio services are providing FREE audio trials.

Convenient - Having a book read to you is a new experience.
Narrators are bringing your characters to life by adding accents and emotions.
You can download an audio to listen on your iPhone, iPod, Android, Kindle Fire,
Windows Phone, MP3 players, laptop…

Angela Ford loves audio books…here’s what she has to
Life is busy,
that we all know. I know as a writer I find it hard to sit down and read as
much as I used to; as much as I’d like. I love audio books. Audio books are
great for commutes and long drives or as I’ve discovered
recently…multi-tasking. Yes, the housework doesn’t get done on its own. Now I
can clean my house and listen to a book. They are also great to finally relax
at night when too tired to do anymore. I don’t have to hold the kindle or a
book and flip the page…I can plug in the headphones…lay back and close my eyes.
I also love to listen to an audio book on a morning walk.
To date, I have
4 of my books in Audio.

An elite FBI task force tracks online predators while they hunt their
prey. A series of murders in Presario Heights has forced Special Agent Jessica
Resario to follow her gut instinct to save the next victim. Supervisory Special
Agent Tom Erickson removes her from the case. The only place to escape the
danger is her family beach home. She hadn’t been there since her parents were
murdered. The level of intensity climbs higher with her discovery of postcards
marked “I Crave You”. Old ghosts, secrets, imminent threats and an inevitable
attraction to Tom send her on an emotional roller coaster. If that wasn’t
enough, she opens the door to a man she thought was dead. Tom is stabbed and
his case files go missing…high emotions put Jess at the killer’s mercy.

Unforgettable Kiss  

One kiss leaves Meghan questioning her decision to never love again. Meghan Eden swore she
would never love again. The tragic death of her son, at the hands of her
husband, destroyed her emotionally. She
believed her successful Spa would fulfill her life
until a business seminar takes her to a golf resort in Arizona. Meghan’s love
of golf
gets her paired up with a man she doesn’t know. The
rest of the world does. Eric Nolan is the most sought after actor in Hollywood
and the most eligible bachelor in the hearts of many women. Eric draws out
hidden desires Meghan never imagined and leaves an unforgettable kiss etched in
her memory. One kiss leaves her questioning her decision to never love again.
An emotional struggle to love again cannot stop the passion that unravels. But
perhaps Meghan’s ex can. Released on early parole without her knowledge and
he’s had the time to develop an obsession. Eric races to save her. He reaches
the door, only to hear the gun shot.

Blind Tasting  
Dr. Rebecca Miller is
devastated over her fiancé's affair...with her best friend. Country charm is
the best medicine…along with a good friend and a bottle of wine. In the
heart of wine country, four friends spice up their book club and create The
Love List. Love is the last thing on Becca's mind until she's matched with
Chase Tanner. Chase discovers the love list and believes to be fooled. Can
Becca convince him she really does love him?

The Christmas Wreath  

Annie Dixon’s love for nature and her hometown of
Glenville has her driven to find a way to keep the tree farm from outsiders.
When the bank grants sixty days before the tree farm is listed for public sale,
Annie and her friends devise a plan to finance the buy. 

The death of Annie’s childhood friend brings
Detective Ryder Harris back to Glenville. A child in his eyes, he always called
her ‘Sweet Annie’. Now he sees her differently. Annie never admitted she had a
big crush for Ryder. Now that familiar flutter in her heart is back. Annie
knows Ryder won’t settle in Glenville. And is Ryder really back for his
sister’s funeral or is he connected to the town resort’s sudden disappearance
of their manager? 

For the first time in many years, Ryder is
excited about the holidays. Will the magic of Christmas forever connect these
two hearts?

  Angela Ford    
Angela Ford originates
Nova Scotia…Canada’s Ocean Playground! Her love of the ocean and
sunsets are always in her heart and give her inspiration. Her love for words
keeps her turning the page. She is never without a book, whether she’s reading
or writing. Now residing in Ontario, Angela works in Finance – numbers by daywords by night. Her dedication to volunteer and involvement with
cyber safety seminars gave her an Award of Distinction and sparked the idea for
her first book
Closure – suspense with a dash of romance that hit the
best- selling Action/Adventure. Her next release,
Unforgettable Kiss, delivers a romance with a dash of suspense. Forbidden released in June 2014…Closure’s sequel. September 2014 releases Blind Tasting of The Love
List series.
2014 will end
with a Christmas romance The Christmas
Wreath of the Forever Christmas series.
Between two jobs, being a mom with
a home always young adults and rather interesting stories; she is lucky to have
one very patient and understanding man. But it is the furry family members who
rule the house – a Puggle, two loveable cats and two unique Guinea Pigs. Every
possible quiet moment she finds, she treasures and just writes about the
moments to come. Angela is an avid reader of romance, a member of the RWA and
Mississauga Writers Group. You can follow her at BTGN

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