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Monday, December 18, 2023

Boomer The Curios Bunny Book Tour and Giveaway


What will Boomer find?

Boomer the Curious Bunny

by Diann Floyd Boehm

Genre: Children's Animal Picture Book 

What will Boomer find?

Boomer is a curious bunny who loves excitement. Staying home doesn’t offer him the same fun it gives his brothers and sisters, so he hops off to see what he can see. When he does, what do you think awaits him?

Join this adorable furry rabbit as he heads off into the city where he meets a range of characters and goes on a variety of adventures. Will his discoveries be the joyful experiences he expects?

Written for children ages 3 to 9. This is a delightful tale for parents to read with their kids or for young readers to enjoy.

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Norns Triad Publications

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Diann Floyd Boehm is an award-winning, bestselling author. Her books inspire not only imagination but also self-empowerment, kindness, and inclusion. As a humanitarian, Diann has traveled extensively, meeting many people, and experiencing many cultures. She believes in sharing the joy of diversity, the beauty of individuality, and blessings of community with her readers.

Diann is the co-host with Dr. Jacalyn on USAGLOBALTV. Together, the duo brings entertaining topics alive, aspiring to spread global knowledge, awareness, and hope. They welcome various guests to discuss relevant issues to modern living, including everything from books to business.

Another wonderful endeavor of this amazing lady is Story Garden. Being a professional educator, Diann understands the importance of literacy.  She knows reading aloud has a vital impact on oral and written communication skills. Therefore, she coordinates a program for authors to read books online for kids and adults alike to enjoy!

Diann is a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. She enjoys quilting and singing. In addition to spending time with her loved ones, she treasures the opportunity to meet new people and experience new things.

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