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Wednesday, November 1, 2023

The Hidden Secrets of Nola Book Tour and Giveaway


Encounter a date with death, paranormal happenings, a second chance at love, dark voodoo, and a cursed bayou, all while taking a trip to the beloved New Orleans. 

The Hidden Secrets of NOLA

A mixed Paranormal & Supernatural Anthology

with stories by

Laura Daleo, Rhonda Bobbitt, Fern Miller, Preston Allen, Savanna Loy

In 1718, La Nouvelle Orleans was founded and later became the beloved New Orleans. World-Renowned for its distinctive music, delicious Creole cuisine, unique dialects, and annual festivals it is a place that so many adore, but could there be more that we don't know? Have things happened that we aren't supposed to know? Join the minds of these five incredible authors as you explore the hidden tales of Nola. Encounter a date with death, paranormal happenings, a second chance at love, dark voodoo, and a cursed bayou, all while taking a trip to the beloved New Orleans.

Stories featured in the set:

My Name Is Death by Laura Daleo

Genre: Supernatural Fiction

I am sometimes called the Grim Reaper or the Angel of Death. I prefer the name Death. It's stylish and modern and fits perfectly with my Armani suits. A robe, a scythe, or skeleton are not my style, particularly when releasing one's soul.

The Ghost of Toulouse Street by Rhonda Bobbitt

Genre: Paranormal Thriller

It's the day before Rose's birthday, and things are starting to get strange. Her grandmother has left her a special gift, that may put her into danger. Is she imagining someone following her? Or is there something sinister following her? 

Bidding Up Knox by Fern Miller

Genre: Steamy Second Chance Romance


I am done with men.  After so many chances,  a relationship isn't in the cards for me. Especially with my ex-Knox McCord-the billionaire business guru who ended things without a proper goodbye all those years ago. 

But when he shows up at my charity date benefit auction, old feelings emerge and I will do anything to keep them from breaking free. 


I just need one chance to make things right. So I do what any sensible man would-place myself up to be bid on at a charity date benefit auction. Kara Oliver just doesn't know she will place the winning bid. Date acquired.  Target loaded. All I got to do is make her fall back in love with me . Should be easy. Right?

Crossed at the Café by Preston Allen

Genre: Magic Realism

Modeste is a very powerful voodoo priestess, but when she bumps into a stranger at a coffee shop, she's brought to her knees. Who is this mysterious woman, and why was she able to have an impact on one of the strongest manbo's in New Orleans?

Borrowed Bayou by Savanna Loy

Genre: Clean Sci-Fi Romance

Estelle Laguerre loves her family and loves her city, but after a century of playing the part of murderer to unsuspecting men, she has had enough. 

How much longer can she continue following the guidelines of the curse her family inherited? Will a chance encounter change everything? 

Amazon * Bookbub * Goodreads

Laura Daleo is a multi-genre author, known for her Immortal Kiss series. She is a native of San Diego, California, and now lives in Tucson, Arizona with her two dogs, Rose and Cooper. 

Find out more at her Website

Rhonda Bobbitt grew up in a small town in East Texas and currently resides in Illinois. Mother of 4 wonderful children and grandmother of 5 amazing grandchildren. Rhonda is a published photographer and loves to travel. In her spare time she loves to read , horror and dystopian being her favorite genres. This is Rhonda's first published story. 

Fern Miller comes from a small town in Tennessee. Growing up, the school library was her favorite place to escape. From mysteries, romance, action, and fantasy books grew a desire to become a person who's imagination bleeds on paper.

In her downtime, she plays with her children, enjoys murder mysteries, and cooking.

Find out more at Amazon

Preston Allen loves to travel and can almost always be found trying the best iced latte at the local coffee shop of wherever he is visiting. He loves collecting oddities and is always on the lookout for something witchy. 

Find out more at his Website

Savanna Loy is an award winning and best selling multi-genre author. Her dystopian debut, ReSet, was released in October 2022 and she has jumped head first into the world of being an author. Even with the highs of lows, she is loving every minute of it. Her full time jobs consist of Foster/Adoptive mom to six kids under the age of 9, wife to a traveling RN, church secretary, Social Media Marketer, Book Coach, Bernedoodle breeder, and now author. 

Find out more at her Website

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