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Friday, January 16, 2015

Yes, Master by NJ Cole


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TITLE – Yes, Master


GENRE – Erotica

PUBLICATION DATE – January 16, 2014

LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 10K

PUBLISHER – Butterfly Publishing

COVER ARTIST – Tm Franklin

Yes Master eBook Cover


Mary Jennings hit rock bottom. A stripper and brand new mother in New

York City, she’s offered a reprieve by her sister to move to Reno for a fresh start. Deciding to go for it,

her life takes a drastic turn when she offers to help out a friend.

After a car accident leaves Colton bed ridden, a surprising offer of

assistance turns into so much more. Driven by his need to dominate, sparks fly in the most unexpected


A natural submissive and a professional Dominant—what happens when

they spend every waking minute together? Will she be able to resist? Or will she give in to the urge and

submit to him completely?

Find out in this page turning sequel to Yes, Mistress.

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Yes Master Full Cover copy


“Mary, are you a good girl?”

His words made butterflies erupt in my stomach and seem to fly out from

between my legs. “Are you, Mary?” he repeated.

I don’t know why I responded the way I did, but I said, “Yes.”

“Then be a good girl and use your hands to help me with this little


I’d never actually given a hand job before. I’d used my hand to get a guy

hard but never long enough for

him to finish. “I, uh … I don’t know what to do.” I felt my cheeks blush.

“Just like you’ve had been doing, Mary.”

I trembled as I brought my hand up and down his shaft. “Rub your hand

over the head, good girl,” he groaned. I did as he told me and was surprised when fluid leaked from the

tip instantly. “It’s been a while,” he said by way of explanation, and warning apparently, because not

two minutes later he groaned, “You’re going to want to get a tissue, good girl.”

I leaned forward to get a tissue from the night stand on the other side of

him. I was still jerking him off with one hand, and because it was such a far reach, when I stretched for

the tissue, my breast touched the head of his penis. Colton let out a strangled yelp, and before I could

even pull back, I felt something warm and wet on my blouse. I stood up quickly, but apparently, he

wasn’t finished because several more streams of the warm fluid shot into the air. One landed right in the

middle of my shirt, and the other fell onto the back of my hand that was still gripping him firmly.

“Motherfucker,” he grunted as the last stream shot from his body.

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NJ Cole is the author of five published books, Midnight Caller, Midnight

Eternal, Landslide, Second Chances and Yes, Mistress. Unlike many of today’s authors, she chooses to

write in first person, allowing the readers to experience life through the eyes of the unique characters

that live in her head. Her love of those characters and respect for their stories come through loud and

clear in her writing. With over two million reads of her online work in the past year NJ Cole is clearly an

up and coming author.


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